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What is a commercial energy broker?

A commercial energy broker helps companies navigate the complex business energy market and save money. They compare the best commercial gas and electricity deals, giving businesses a choice of contracts to choose from. But its more than this as well. They guide you through the entire process - gathering information about your consumption, collecting tenders from the best suppliers and initiating the switch when you have made a choice. Also known as consultants or utility brokers, an energy broker is the expert intermediary between you and a supplier. They help you find the energy contract that suits you best. Often this means finding the cheapest deal, but a commercial energy broker can also help you negotiate more of a specialist deal, such as a flexible energy contract or a renewable or low carbon deal. Some energy brokers also offer additional services such as energy monitoring services and metering technologies to help businesses track and reduce energy consumption.

Benefits of using an energy broker

There are dozens of benefits of using an energy broker, the top three are that it is easier, cheaper and you can get support in the energy market.
  • Easier – An energy broker will do all the legwork for you. They will speak to suppliers and collate all the best options so that all you need to do is pick the deal you think will suit you best.
  • Cheaper – Energy brokers will use their contacts and expertise to leverage the best possible deal for you. Many energy brokers are free at the point of use. Instead their services are funded by the commission they receive from energy suppliers.
  • Supported – Brokers offer advice and support right the way through the process. They deal with supplier issues on your behalf and offer an aftercare service right the way through your contract right up until it is time to renew, when they can help you secure another good deal.

Different brokers, different strategies

Brokers are not created as equals. Every broker claims to want to get the best deal for you, but there are different ways in which a broker can operate. Some work closely with a few large firms. This limits your market choice and could mean that your broker is looking out for supplier interest as well as your own. Other brokers operate as lead generation businesses. They take (or make) a high volume of calls and refer any leads to other brokers or suppliers. Generally, these businesses do not offer the same level of support and value for money as other brokers.

Your independent broker

Utility Helpline offers customers an independent, personal service. We are impartial and not tied to any suppliers, big or small. We compare more than 70 tariffs from 20 suppliers to help find the deal that’s best for you. If you choose Utility Helpline, you’ll get a personal account manager that will handle all your questions and calls. Some of our brokers have worked with the same clients for years, helping them negotiate contract renewal after contract renewal. We also offer a range of additional consultancy services, boosting efficiencies to save energy, carbon and money. To find out what an energy broker can do for your business or for a quote, speak to a member of the team today. Call: 0800 043 0423.  

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