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Utility Helpline will reduce your business water costs (in England and Scotland)

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Now that the water market has been deregulated in England and Scotland, you can shop around for the best business rate. Or you can save yourself the time and hassle by letting us do it for you. If you’ve never switched, you could be in line for a very big discount.

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A deregulated market means more competition. And more competition means more savings for you. We’ve helped every one of our clients find a better rate, including one customer who cut their bills by 94% and another who saved over £15,000! If you’ve been with the same supplier for years, the savings are about to flow your way.Contact us now to secure your savings

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1. We talk business

A quick chat is all it takes for our specialists to analyse your business energy use, your existing supplier and tariff.


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We search our panel of water suppliers to help you find the lowest tarriff and correct contract terms for your business.


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We talk you through every option, pointing out any hidden extras and give you an unbiased, professional recommendation.


4. We switch contracts

We’ll take care of everything, from moving your contract to dealing with any unexpected issues.

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We can advise on anything energy-saving strategies, answer any questions you may have and even offer you our free auto-switching service.


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Take it from us, your water provider will not automatically switch you onto their lowest tariff. But we will. As your current deal comes up for renewal, our auto-switching service begins searching for the right tariff for your business. Just another way we always look out for you.

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