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Utility Helpline specialise in rock-bottom electricity contracts. Switching to one is easier than you think.

There are always great deals available on business electricity, but it can take some serious effort to find them.

Utility Helpline takes the hassle out of good deal hunting. Our award-winning accounts team know the energy market inside out and they have the skills and expertise to negotiate those rock-bottom deals that our customers love.

We can advise on which supplier and contract type would be best for your business and we can also help freeze your energy costs up to five years. And because Utility Helpline is fully independent you know that it is advice that you can trust.

The right business electricity tariff

Reducing business electricity costs is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective way of boosting your business’s bottom line. Electricity is the lifeblood of every British business and the kinds of savings on offer with an energy broker could be much bigger than you imagine.

If you can’t remember the last time you switched your electricity supplier, then the potential savings could be massive. A 2015 investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority revealed that 40% of businesses haven’t switched their electricity supplier in the last five years. These businesses would be in line to save thousands if they switched.

Don’t be fooled though, achieving these kinds of energy savings takes hard work. Online tools aren’t very good for business contracts and there’s usually a lot of telephone time and negotiating hours involved.

Utility Helpline make it easier. We have 20 handpicked suppliers that we trust to look after our customers. Once we have offers from all these suppliers we’ll lay out all the options to you and let you choose a contract that matches your needs.

The commission that we earn from suppliers is never a factor in the switching process.

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Took all the stress and hassle away from dealing with multiple suppliers and just made it all happen...perfect. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly and got stuff done!

Paul Trepte, Hereford

Electric supplier switching process

We have handpicked 20 business electricity suppliers based on their consistently low prices and their past service record with our customers.

From these suppliers we compare over 70 different business electricity tariffs and rank them from best to worst. You will then be free to choose which tariff you want to switch to. Most of the time this decision is based on price, but there are often other important factors that we can advise on too.

Once you’ve selected the best deal we get started managing the switchover. We will guide you through each stage of the process, detailing exactly what you need to do and when. We’ll also sort out any disputes that might arise with the old or new supplier. This is important because the sooner you switch the sooner you can start saving.

And we don’t vanish when the switch is complete either. We are available to offer advice and support throughout the life of your contract, handling any issues that arise and offering help with consumption management if requested.

We also remind you when it’s time to renegotiate your contract. This ensures that you don’t rollover onto a worse deal once the original contract has expired.

Another reason to switch with us

Metering and tracking

Utility Helpline don’t just vanish after the switchover has taken place. We have a variety of services designed to help support you through the life of your contract.

Metering and energy tracking are two important parts of that. Effective smart metering is crucial if businesses are going to get a firmer grip on energy consumption and costs.

For companies that are concerned about their carbon footprint and want to save energy through efficiencies we can deliver a state of the art metering and tracking system to help you keep an eye on consumption, identify areas of waste and take steps to help bring them down.

We also offer a variety of other business energy consultancy services to help you manage your contracts more effectively. These include full consultations, site audits, reports and smart monitoring solutions.

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Energy saving tips

Utility Helpline is committed to helping our customers save energy and cut costs. We offer a broad range of support including:

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AMR and monitoring utility solutions
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Renewable utility energy
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Full site utility audits
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