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Utility Helpline Fees & Payment

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Utility Helpline Brokerage Services

There is no cost or obligation to obtain a price comparison or ask for some advice from Utility Helpline. However, by agreeing a contract via our service, you are accepting that your chosen supplier may then pay Utility Helpline a fee or commission for the introduction & managing the transfer process. Depending on the supplier, the current industrywide mechanism used for remuneration from suppliers to energy brokers/consultants is an “uplift commission fee”, which may be included in the price we offer by way of an uplift within your unit cost for energy.

The commission we receive from each provider pays for the service we offer, which include ongoing support, bill checking, query management, dispute resolution, advice and renewal management.

By way of an example, we may secure a price for 11.5p/kwh and then add 0.5 p/kwh. This would then make the price 12.00 p/kwh. The uplift does depend on your energy usage and spend, length of contract, credit risk etc and we keep it below the industry average.  

Example: a client using 10,000 kwh would spend £1200 on energy per annum based on the example above. We would therefore receive £50 commission per annum. This commission allows us to continue to offer our services.

Our uplifts depend on the size of contract, length of contract, consumption and other factors such as credit risks . Our average uplift is 0.5 p/kwh.

By using our services, you agree that Utility Helpline is an independent energy brokerage and is not instructed to act as your agent or representative.

We operate a strict policy to recommend suppliers based on price, service and suitability to our client’s needs. We work with a select panel of the UK’s leading business energy suppliers. This gives us access to  the majority of market’s business energy suppliers’ prices (November 2020), which allows us to be highly competitive and offer a full range of services to suit any business’s needs.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our customer service team on 01432 378690


At Utility Helpline, we believe in giving our customers a first class personal service. If however, there’s an issue you need to bring to our attention or you would like to make a complaint, please let us know by following the steps below.

Our Complaints Policy:

  1. Complaints can be made over the phone or by email or letter. We’ll always do our best to sort your problem out straight away (within 24 hours).
  2. If we need more time, we’ll give you a reference number and contact you as soon as we’ve sorted out your issue.
  3. If we haven’t resolved your complaint within 5 working days, we’ll contact you to explain why and keep in touch until it’s resolved.
  4. In the unlikely event you not happy with our final decision we can guide you to access any relevant ombudsmen services.

Who to contact about your complaint:

  • Email us at rbonelle@utilityhelpline.co.uk
  • Call us on 01432 378695
  • Write to: Energy Manager, Richard Bonelle, 107 Burrows Business Centre, Hereford, HR1 2HE

Please include this information with your complaint:

  • Name and address
  • Contact number
  • Details of the problem and any suggestion of how you would like us to put it right

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