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Rely on Utility Helpline to scour the market including:

British Gas, E-On, Npower, EDF, Opus Energy, SSE, Corona Energy, scottish power
Utility Helpline

Rely on Utility Helpline to be part of your energy management team

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Rely on Utility Helpline for a complete energy management service (or any aspect of it)

Every large business has its own energy management needs.

So, we tailor our service to suit your specifics.

For some of our larger clients, we act as an outsourced energy management team. Others use us for energy broking and/or regular bill monitoring services and/or negotiating third party charges and/or ad hoc for energy consulting solutions and/or much more besides.

They seem to like our expertise and enthusiasm. They also tend to comment on our commitment to client service.

So, if you’re looking for an utterly professional service, delivered by a team of utter energy processionals, let’s talk about how we could tailor a solution – specifically for your business.

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Utility Helpline can give your business a complete energy management service

Unlike other brokers Utility Helpline is 100% independant

Rely on Utility Helpline to be your impartial energy broker

As a 100% independent, 100% unbiased business, we source tariffs from right across the utilities market.

And it’s not just about finding the lowest headline price. It’s about locating the tariff that will save you the most over the life of the contract.

Unfortunately, the business utilities market doesn’t always have the best of reputations. And, within it, we believe Utility Helpline stands out as something different and special.

We’re completely upfront about our business model. We NEVER steer clients to a particular deal of provider. And we stick rigorously to the TPI Code of Practice.

Take a look at the TPI Code of Practice

Rely on Utility Helpline in a volatile energy market

No one knows for sure where the energy market is heading, but we have a better idea than most – so we can advise you on your investments and keep you updated on new opportunities.

Unlike buyers in the domestic market, large energy users face a much higher degree of exposure to wholesale energy market shifts. But with these bigger risks comes bigger rewards when prices fall. And, with the right guidance, the opportunities to save money in the energy market are incredibly lucrative.

For clients who want to maximise their savings we can deliver weekly market reports that help you stay abreast of the latest developments.

Volume customers will be able to make the most of this advice, as well as a number of different purchasing options to yield impressive savings across the duration of a contract.

Contact us for full details

Reliable help in a volatile energy market

Rely on Utility Helpline for a full suite of solutions

Because we work with so many large energy users, we have developed a full suite of solutions, such as:

Flexible and fixed contracts

Flexible and fixed contracts

Volume users have the choice between fixed price of flexible price contracts. If you believe the market price will soon fall or continue falling, a flexible contract lets you take advantage of changing prices. But, if you think the market price will rise, you can lock-in a current price for up to five years.

Half-hourly purchasing

Half-hourly purchasing

Clients purchasing in high volumes can take advantage of competitive half-hourly metered contracts. These enable you to benefit from variable daily tariffs - avoiding hours of peak demand where possible and carrying out the most energy-hungry processes at night time.

Weekly market reports

Weekly market reports

We prepare and distribute weekly energy market reports to all of our larger clients. These reports help high-volume users stay ahead of the game, and help to predict market events. Importantly, they also come with advice on when to buy and when to wait for a better offer.

Forward purchasing

Forward purchasing

Forward purchasing enables buyers to be flexible through the duration of a contract – taking advantage of market opportunities as and when they arise. It means you can buy tomorrow’s energy at today’s prices – and enjoy plenty of opportunities to save when prices are at their lowest.

Forecast and benchmark purchasing

Forecast and benchmark purchasing

We enable you to take advantage of falling commodity rates, but also to quantify and limit the risks of the normal tendering practice (working on a 4-5 month window prior to renewal). We can benchmark prices against your current contract charges up to 36 months prior to renewal. This keeps you updated on any market movements and gives you the opportunity to extend your current contract should any opportunities arise.

utility helpline capacity review service

Ask us about our Capacity Review – KVA service

For many large users, the biggest energy-related risk they face is penalty charges or over-paying on capacity.

To insulate you from the risks we offer a capacity review service – which means we assess your recent energy usage against your set capacity, highlight any possible issues, and point out opportunities to save money.

Contact us for specialist services

Get new savings with our MOP review service

We work hand-in-hand with fully accredited meter operators, we can provide both half-hourly supply and metering contracts at low prices.

As part of the package, you get access to the latest energy monitoring software, and benefit from powerful energy performance reporting.

Contact us for specialist services

utility helpline mop review service

Rely on Utility Helpline for insights and advice

The utilities market is only ever going to get more interesting.

With the volatility in energy prices, the growth in renewables, and an increase in regulatory scrutiny, there will be plenty of opportunities for smart companies to make smart investments and benefit from smart savings.

At Utility Helpline, we’re fascinated by the changes.

We want to share our insights. And advise you on your investments. And keep you updated on new opportunities.

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