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Large Energy Users

Our saving experts can help reduce bills for large energy users.

Your impartial energy broker

Utility Helpline is fully independent and impartial. We go to the whole marketplace and present offers fairly and transparently based on our market experience as well as the quality of the product and of course, the price.

Our only commitment is to our clients and our award-winning accounts team is dedicated to getting them the best deal.

As a responsible intermediary, Utility Helpline is subscribed to the TPI code of practice.

You can see our 100% positive customer service record and read feedback from customers on our Feefo page.


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Our Process



Our award winning accounts team will collect relevant information and offer guidance on which type of contract to choose.

Our process always starts with a discussion about your requirements and options. We will offer guidance on the state of the energy market and suggest when to buy to get the best deal. At this stage all you have to do is choose how you want to buy and how long you want the contract to be.


Post Tenders

Once we understand your needs, we will offer your tenders out to the whole energy market.

When we have built a clear picture of your requirements, we will post your contract needs out to suppliers. We regularly work with 20 suppliers, so we can ensure the highest levels of competition and thus a better chance of finding the absolute best deal.


League Table

We will draw up a league table of all your offers to help you decide which is best.

Choosing the best deal from dozens of offers can be a challenge. We try to make it easier by ranking the contract offers from best to worst, and we will try to explain why some offers might not be as attractive as they initially appear.



We make sure everything runs smoothly while your new energy contract is set up.

We take care of all the set-up operations so you don’t have to. Account managers will deal with any of those inevitable problems that arise and our customer services team will be available to answer any questions.


Check Ups

We offer a range of aftercare services, including regular bill health checks and renewal reminders.

We will stay in touch throughout the duration of your contract. We will keep you updated on market movements and any opportunities to save through forward purchasing. We will also monitor your bills to make sure you aren’t being overcharged and remind you when it is time to renew your contract.

The friend you need in a volatile marketplace

The Utility Helpline energy team is always trying to make sense of the market so that we can pass on real actionable advice to our most important clients.

Energy market volatility is nothing new – but with new global insecurities emerging all the time and commodity markets balancing on a knife edge – the need for an energy market ally has never been greater.

Unlike buyers in the domestic market, large energy users face a much higher degree of exposure to wholesale energy market shifts. But with these bigger risks comes bigger rewards when prices fall.


The price of wholesale energy can vary significantly across years, months and even weeks. With the right guidance, the opportunities to save money in the energy market are incredibly lucrative.

For clients who want to maximise their savings we can deliver weekly market reports that help you stay abreast of the latest developments.

Volume consumers will be able to make the most of this advice, as well as a number of different purchasing options to yield impressive savings across the duration of a contract.

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Flexible and fixed contracts

Volume users have the choice between fixed price of flexible price contracts. If you believe the market price will soon fall or continue falling then a flexible contract will let you take advantage of the latest prices. If, however, you think the market price will rise then you can lock in a current price for up to five years.

Half-hourly purchasing

Clients purchasing in high volumes can take advantage of competitive half-hourly metered contracts. These allow the buyer to take advantage of variable daily tariffs - avoiding hours of peak demand where possible and carrying out the most energy-hungry processes at night time.

Weekly market reports

We prepare and distribute weekly energy market reports to all of our larger clients. These reports help high-volume users to stay ahead of the game, helping them to predict market events. Importantly, they also come with some words of advice on when to buy and when to wait for a better offer.

Forward purchasing

Forward purchasing enables buyers to be flexible through the duration of a contract – taking advantages of market opportunities as and when they arise. It means you can buy tomorrow’s energy at today’s prices – and enjoy plenty of opportunities to save when prices are at their lowest.

Forecast and benchmark purchasing

Our strategy allows customers to take advantage of falling commodity rates but also quantify and limit the risk that is taken through normal tendering practice (working on a 4-5 month window prior to renewal). We can benchmark prices against your current contract charges up to 36 months prior to your renewal. This will keep clients aware of any market movements and therefore offer the opportunity to extend your current contract should any opportunities arise.

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