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Flexible and fixed contracts

Flexible and fixed contracts

We’ll explain where we think the market is going and help you choose between a fixed or flexible price contract.

Energy Monitoring & Management

Energy Monitoring & Management

Energy savings are driven by data, so monitoring solutions are vital to its success. We offer a range of solutions to meet any business needs.

Half-hourly purchasing

Half-hourly purchasing

We’ll advise you on how to benefit from variable daily tariffs and off-peak prices by carrying out energy-hungry activity at night-time.

Weekly market reports

Weekly market reports

We’ll help you stay ahead of the market by predicting future trends and the perfect times to buy energy.

Forward purchasing

Forward purchasing

We’ll show you how to take advantage of market opportunities by buying tomorrow’s energy at today’s lower prices.

Forecast and benchmark purchasing

Forecast and benchmark purchasing

We’ll enable you to take advantage of falling commodity rates, limiting the risks of the normal tendering process.

Powering your investments.

Predicting the energy market isn’t easy. But it’s something we do every day to help our large energy customers reduce their risks and increase their savings. We produce weekly market reports to advise on your investments and identify new opportunities. Plus, we’ll recommend different purchasing options to yield impressive savings. Just put us to the test.

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capacity review

Avoid risks with Capacity Review.

As a large energy user, one of the biggest risks you face is penalty charges or over-paying on capacity. To protect you from the risks, we’ll assess your recent usage against your set capacity. Identifying opportunities to save money.

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Save more with our MOP review service.

We work closely with fully accredited meter operators to provide low-price metering contracts and half-hourly supply. As part of the package, you also get the latest energy monitoring software and powerful energy performance reporting.

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MOP review

Professional insights and advice. No bull.

Take a volatile energy market, add a growth in renewables and an increase in regulatory scrutiny, and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to make a smart investment. We’d love to share our insights with you. It could be the smartest decision you make today.

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