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Energy Broker in Hereford helps new businesses

I have just moved into a property

If you have recently moved into a property, the previous owner or tenant’s gas & electricity contract will not be valid for your business. As you are yet to agree contract terms (price, business contract type & duration) with the new energy supplier, you will be charged at “standard” or “out of contract prices”.

These out of contract prices can often be as much as 2 - 3 times more than a contract price.

It is important to act quickly to avoid additional costs!!

How Can Utility Helpline help?

We will find out who your current suppliers are and identify other important details (what kind of meters you have and the potential yearly gas & electricity consumption of that property). Once we have this information, we are able to accurately search the market for the best gas and electricity deals for your business. We will also be able to provide accurate budget analysis and inform you of your likely annual running costs for electricity and gas.

What details do you need from me to get price comparison?

To allow us to put together an accurate quotation for your business, please fax us a signed copy of the Letter of Authority to 0845 299 1777

Why do you need a Letter of Authority?

Letter of Authority – In order to provide accurate analysis of your energy needs, we will need to speak with your current supplier to discuss you’re needs at the property. Suppliers require us to have a letter of authority under the data protection act.

What happens next? How does it work?

Once we have a copy of the letter of authority we will review your businesses current gas and electricity needs and then search the market to find the best deal for your business.

We will then contact you to discuss your options. If you are happy with what we recommend you have the option to accept the suppliers offer. If you decide to switch suppliers we will then manage the process of switching for you.

Is there any cost for this service?

No direct cost. Suppliers whose prices we have access to have agreed to pay us for every sale they make through Utility Helpline. This commission allows us to continue to provide our unbiased service, which you can use time and time again.

How long does this take to switch suppliers?

Transferring to a new supplier will take between 4-6 weeks. If you do decide to switch we will manage this process for you to ensure a smooth transfer.

Why should I switch?

Switching your business gas or business electricity supplier could save you as much as 40% a year. You may also find that other suppliers have a range of services or tariffs that are more suitable to your business needs.

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