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Why should you use a business insurance broker?

Just like paying taxes, insurance is one of the necessary evils of running a business. But it is always better to be safe than sorry when your livelihood is at stake. One of the biggest misconceptions about the insurance industry is that you get a better rate when you speak directly to the insurance provider. In reality, insurance brokers are handy middle-men who find customers the lowest possible premium and take their commission from the insurance providers, rather than the clients.

What about price comparison sites?

In search of a better deal, many customers will turn to price comparison sites to try and save money. For most businesses though, this is not the best way to go. Comparison websites such as Confused.com and Moneysupermarket offer one-size-fits-all policies which are often not suitable for businesses with individual needs.

Brokers are best for individualistic businesses

A price comparison site might offer a nightclub the same policy as it would a drycleaners with no respect for the differing business natures. A broker on the other hand will ask you about the individual circumstances of a company, and offer a policy that is tailored to your unique set of needs. Businesses with ‘out of the ordinary’ insurance needs often include things like pubs, restaurants, hotels, breweries and nightclubs. Insurance brokers are market experts and are on hand to offer advice right the way through the process. If you ever need help finding a new policy or (touch wood) making a claim, you won’t be alone if you have a broker. This makes insurance brokerages great for anyone who needs a helping hand navigating the often confusing world of insurance.

The advantages of using a business insurance broker

  • Competitive premiums – Brokers often develop partnerships with large insurance providers to offer bespoke services at heavily discounted prices.
  • Expert service – Using a broker means a team of market experts are always just a phone call away. They will be able to guide you on what level of cover is right for your business and help you understand any of the finer details.
  • Speedy claims service – Claiming for a loss can be a hassle, so good brokerage firms should offer assistance when it is needed.
  • Plain English policies – Brokers should offer a jargon-free policy to customers to help them understand exactly what they are covered for.
Utility Helpline have over 20 years of experience helping clients find the best insurance policies to suit them. We have partnership deals with some of Europe’s biggest insurance providers including the likes of Allianz and Aviva and always offer competitive rates to clients. For a hassle-free, no obligation quotation please complete our easy online form /              

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