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Smart metering companies and UHL partnerships save you money.

Energy usage is now the second biggest cost to a business, after manpower costs.  Companies have, for years, tended to bury their heads in the sand about these rising energy bills; quite understandably, as there are undoubtedly many other areas of operation placing their own demands on their time.  However, the rising costs of business energy consumption have now put this issue firmly on the agenda.  Bills are now simply too high to ignore… and are only likely to go up. There are a number of steps that can be made to minimise the fiscal pain.  Of course, using a broker such as Utility Helpline will ensure your business is on the most effective tariff.  However, there are also other more technological steps you and your business might take to help manage that usage.  Because we live in such a turbulent environment for energy production and consumption, innovative Smart Metering Systems have come onto the market.  Designed and constructed by energy industry specialists and smart metering companies, these systems combine hardware and software to monitor energy consumption at every stage along the production line of your business, or across your commercial premises.  Automated analysis and reporting software means you are then able to analyse where the energy demand peaks, via interactive, live displays.  With built in tariff analysis facilities, this technology enables you to make judgments about your production line, perhaps switching the time of the day when certain processes are undertaken, or evaluating load and demand issues.  As energy is always supplied in half-hour periods, four hours in advance, such decisions – technically know as “demand side forecasting” - might contribute to considerable efficiencies in the operation of your business. This technology is already being used by a range of Utility Helpline customers, integrating with energy policy and utility strategy, and Carbon Reduction Commitment management.  Whatever the use, it is evident that this current energy climate means that, increasingly, businesses will be turning to technologies such as smart metering to more effectively manage their energy consumption, as well as using Utility Helpline to help with the tariff side.  It’s a twin approach, if you like, that might firstly manage the power you use, then secondly… the price you pay for it.  

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