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Retrofit your lights to cut business energy bills

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights have revolutionised the way in which we light our homes and businesses. They last longer and use less energy than the more traditional light bulbs, making them more attractive to facilities managers and bill payers up and down the country. Retrofitting is the process of updating your existing light fixtures to make them more energy efficient. Eventually you will make your money back both in terms of lower monthly bills and by having to change your light bulbs less frequently. LEDs also have a number of futuristic capabilities which set them apart from traditional bulbs. LEDs have the ability to integrate with networked lighting controls. Some people even think that LED powered data signals could replace Wi-Fi in years to come.

The cost saving potential of LEDs

Powerful 40W LED light bulbs now sell for close to £6 each. Smaller domestic bulbs go for even cheaper. The dramatic falls in price which we have seen in recent years are driving adoption rates of LED technology making the bulbs more in demand than ever before. LEDs come with a host of other potential savings too. LED bulbs last considerably longer than their more traditional peers. They are also significantly cheaper to run than both compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and incandescent light bulbs which can be between two and ten times more expensive to run. As LEDs get cheaper it makes retrofitting more affordable. The payback time for a retrofit also get shorter making it a more worthwhile investment for business owners.
Payback time (years) = initial investment (£) / annual  savings (£)

Boost energy efficiency with LED bulbs

LED bulbs have a bright future. Without getting too technical an LED is, by nature, a semiconductor. This means that it is easier to control and sync than other more traditional lighting options. One simple application of this is that it makes dimming your light bulbs easier – cutting your consumption (and making it easier to set a mood). It is also easy to integrate LED bulbs with various drivers and smart lighting controls. This means that you can connect your LEDs to a network or control panel to regulate them more efficiently. Using sensors and other forms of feedback you’ll be able to switch lights off quickly when a room is unoccupied. You could also automatically dim the lights when it’s a particularly bright day.

LiFi and the future of LED technology

LEDs have a lot of futuristic capabilities. One of the newest and most exciting is the called LiFi LiFi is a technology which allows you to transmit data via quite standard LED light bulbs. One of the clearest applications of this is replacing Wi-Fi routers to make it easier for us to access the internet on our phones and laptops. Theoretically, we could all be browsing the internet using data transmitted from LEDs in the ceiling. LiFi technology is already available from companies such as Pure LiFi in Scotland but don’t expect it to be universal any time soon. Utility Helpline is committed to helping its customers reduce their energy bills. For more information on how technology can be used to cut business energy bills read our new smart metering guide.  

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