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Reducing business energy costs - a lightbulb moment.


Did you ever have one of those “lightbulb” moments?  They happen just the way they show it in the cartoons… you have a bright idea and then, just at the same time, the lightbulb in your brain sparks up, and illuminates you in your Eureka moment.  Ever have one of those? Well, this month the boffins at the electronics company Phillips have enjoyed one of those bright idea, lightbulb moments and it may just be the catalyst to push business energy costs down.  Quite literary, as the lightbulb idea is… a lightbulb. The genesis of the idea is easy to discern.  A 1/5 of the energy consumption on this planet comes from… wait for it… lighting.  Your mum probably nagged you incessantly for leaving the landing light on when you were a kid; replicate that across the world, and especially with businesses, and it forms an incredible drain on our collective energy resources. You don’t need Brian Cox to explain that with the way the earth rotates…. somewhere on this planet of ours… someone has got the light on.  And when it comes to business energy usage, the problem is that very often they don’t turn them off, even when everyone’s clocked off and the office, or factory, is empty. Well, firstly mum’s advice is quite right.  It may sound the simplest of energy solutions, but the first thing to do is switch the lights off when you leave the premises.  However, we all obviously do need the lights on at some stage, and we can’t all be saints… and that’s where our boffins at Phillips have stepped in. They have made a huge step forward in developing an LED bulb that can emit 200 lumens per watt of high quality light.  Very good, I hear you say … but what, prey, is a “lumen”?  Let’s put lumens in layman’s terms and just explain it’s about half the electricity your usual bulb will take up. We all appreciate keeping the world lit up and heated is putting an increasing drain on the planet’s resources.  And when you run a business, energy consumption is now high up on the list of costs.  So this bulb, available from 2015, could even - in itself - have a massive impact on your business and its energy usage.  Now that... that’s a bright idea.    

Published by Utility Helpline on (modified )