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Why insurance brokers are the only choice for protecting pubs and breweries

Running a pub or brewing your own speciality ale is the dream job for many Brits. But as any pub landlord will tell you - the job isn’t always so glamorous. One of the least exciting prospects for pubs and pub chains is making sure the business is covered against fire, theft, flood and accidental damage – just a few of the threats that can shatter a new pub. Having an insurance policy that works for your business is absolutely crucial to any publican. An owner can work better and grow their business more effectively when they are safe in the knowledge that their pub’s future is secured.

The right cover at the right price

Getting the best insurance policy for your business really comes down to the level of cover and the price. Going direct to the insurance provider, an owner can be sure they have got the right level of cover, but by not shopping around they may have missed out on more favourable deals. Conversely, insurance comparison sites are useful for getting a cheap deal on business insurance. But the impersonal service, coupled with lethargic policies and high voluntary excesses, mean that pubs will often end up with a poor level of cover that ends up costing more, when the pub needs to make a claim further down the line. The only way to ensure you are getting the right cover at the right price is by using an insurance broker. This is especially true for pubs because they have a unique business structure. Part hotels, part restaurants, part night clubs – pubs need an insurance policy which guards against a wide range of possible threats. And sometimes these threats can be hard to anticipate. To use an insurance broker is to use an expert, an expert who understands your market and who will work hard to understand the needs of your business. And because insurance brokers build favourable agreements with providers, they can usually negotiate better deals than those available on insurance comparison sites.

Utility Helpline are pub insurance specialists

Business insurance brokers tend to specialise in a particularly niche business types. Utility Helpline has specialised in the pub industry for years. Consequently, we have built up strong working relationships with numerous insurance companies such as Allianz and Aviva - meaning we are able to get our customers exactly what they need at the best possible price. For a no-obligation quotation complete this online form and one of our advisors will get straight back to you /.

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