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Fixed or flexible business energy contracts

Energy costs are a major overhead for businesses. Prices have risen and fluctuated significantly in the past few years, placing an increasing burden on many companies. Businesses have taken different approaches to managing their exposure to the volatile energy markets. Some prefer the comfort of fixed price contracts, which provide budget certainty and minimise the risk associated with gambling on the energy market. With these contracts, you are locked in for a set period and timing is key - getting it wrong could be hugely expensive for your business, especially if you find yourself paying prices at the top of the market.

Flexible business energy contracts are becoming increasingly popular. With these, small businesses can make multiple purchase for gas and electricity throughout the term of the contract. Firms can take advantage of movements in the energy markets and wholesale prices, purchasing at favourable times and rates. This flexible strategy improves your odds of getting a better rate for your energy, and paying lower bills. You need the right support in place to make the most of a flexible energy contract. The markets need to be monitored regularly and carefully, and it takes an expert eye to understand the wider environment, developing trends and changes. Analysing the  complex information available and knowing the best time to buy to ensure you get the best deal requires experience and skill. This is where working with procurement professionals can be highly beneficial for your business. Gas and electricity prices are likely to remain volatile for the foreseeable future and for some businesses fixing prices will remain the right thing to do. Whatever your situation, Utility Helpline's brokers will help you make an informed decision on the most cost-effective solution for your business.

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