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Business Gas UK price-fixing scandal - good news for small business gas buyers?

Yesterday, no one had heard of Seth Freedman. Today he joins a long line of UK whistle-blowers with  his allegations of UK gas price-fixing. And as energy is definitely a hot topic currently, particularly domestic and business gas, UK papers will be awash with his name this morning. Regulators have begun investigating the claims of manipulation of wholesale gas prices in the UK. (The wholesale gas market ranges from the North Sea gas supplies, to imported gas, arriving in the country by sea as liquefied natural gas.) Cue widespread disgust across the country this morning. The Energy Secretary appears to be the first to pile in and register his horror at the allegations and is due to make a statement to the House of Commons shortly But is anybody really surprised? We're beginning to get desensitised to the regular stories of corruption at all levels and almost seem to expect it, whether it's PPI, lending rates or pension fund ransacking. The so called 'big six' gas suppliers in the UK have been quick to release statements denying involvement, but in reality it makes no odds. Their intention is to make money, yours is to save money The thing is, ironically, it could actually be good news for small business gas purchasers. How? Well, at Utility Helpline, our customers are already aware of the importance of searching for the best business gas UK prices and have reaped the benefits. But emerging scandals like this only serve to make more business owners acutely aware of the need to use the services of a reputable business energy broker. If you have been trying to navigate the choppy seas of business gas buying yourslef, the chances are you've been paying way more than you need to anyway. Utility Helpline knows the market inside out enabling us to source the best rates from the business gas UK suppliers, passing on those savings to you. This means you can be sure of the best large or small business gas prices, whatever the headlines might say. Try our impartial business gas UK price review and find out for yourself today.

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