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5 ways energy brokers save you money

You run a business.  You pay the wages… you pay the bills.  And no doubt the bill you least look forward to receiving is your energy bill.  However!  You may also have heard there are things you can do to minimise the impact of these business bills but equally, you may not be aware of how to go about it - or even have the time to think about it all - with a business to run, and to grow. On the other hand, you may have moved on a step from this point, and already be aware of the existence of business energy brokers, such as Utility Helpline.  You may be considering using such a service but - before you pick up the phone - just want some reassurance of what it will entail. Well, here at Utility Helpline we want to give you that assurance, so please cast your eye over this simple check list and then, having read it, feel assured about giving us a call: 1. The main point, of course, is to use Utility Helpline to find the best deal for you and your company.  There are dozens of companies out there who will supply you energy… you need someone with the necessary expertise to point you in the right direction, taking that rather onerous task from your own shoulders. Bear in mind there are also a range of tariffs and contracts that you can then sign up to.  The trained staff at Utility Helpline will have the expertise to guide you towards the right supplier - and the right deal - for you and your business and help you decide, for instance, whether you want to fix your deal, and for how long. 2. As well as cutting your bills at the energy provider end, the experts at Utility Helpline can also help you with costs at your own business end, by advising you on measures to cut your energy usage.  Advice might include energy efficiency measures and the use of green technology to better manage energy use. 3. Experience.  The experts at Utility Helpline have the knowledge you will need to tap into to get the best deal for your business.  No doubt you would employ a PR consultant if you didn’t have that experience within your company; the same goes for the business energy requirements.  Our experts know the market, they know the industry and they know the legislation.  All of this can be pooled to get you the best deal. 4. Apart from the expertise, a key benefit is saving you the time, freeing you up to concentrate on other pressing aspects of your business.  Our consultants can get you up and running with the best possible deal, and then manage your business energy usage to make sure you keep ahead of the curve in terms of your energy requirements, and the charge you are paid for it, acting as an important intermediary between you and your chosen energy provider. 5. The future.  OK, so you’re on the best deal…. for the present… but what of the future?  As well as keeping an eye on your current bills, Utility Helpline also constantly monitor the market, and government legislation, to take a view on how things might evolve in the future.  Tapping into that research also allows you to feel assured you have the right advice, and will be kept abreast of how costs are likely to fluctuate… in just the same way you would expect from any other supplier.  This will keep your insured against any nasty shocks. So, five good reasons to give Utility Helpline a call, and let us do you legwork for you!  We are only an email, or a phone call, away.... We compare prices from all the major energy suppliers. Get your business energy quote here.

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