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5 ultra-simple ways to save business energy.

At Utility Helpline you already know our only overarching concern is to use our manpower, knowledge and resources to scour the market for the best possible business energy deal, in order to bring your business energy bills down.

However, from a much more practical basis we have had a think and come up with what we feel are the five most basic, simple ways to save energy in your business and get those bills down, today. You may, of course, be aware of other very laudable, but rather grand, ideas involving solar panels, modern office equipment or thermostats.  However, these are incredibly simple, small ideas that you can implement right now: 1)   Shut doors and windows Obvious really but if you’ve got the heating on, it stands to reason all windows should be closed to keep the heat in and the costs down.  And keep doors shut where possible.  We’re sure you’re likely to work in an office rather than a barn! 2)   Clean the windows While we’re on windows, get them properly cleaned.  And we mean properly!  If they are truly clear, you’ll find there is less need to turn the lights on.  Plus, natural light is also much more appealing to work in 3)   Turn Your Heating Down By One Degree You and your staff probably won’t even feel the difference (especially now it’s getting warmer). However, just that one degree change could save you 8% on your heating biil. 4)   Put a cardy on Your office or factory is not supposed to function as a sauna.  Keep the temperature at a realistic level and if people are a little chilly, ask them to put on a jumper.  Explain it helps with both bills and the carbon footprint of the business. 5)   Unplug phone and laptop chargers when not in use It’s a small step, but chargers do draw down some electricity, even when they’re not being used.  So as a habit, ask both yourself and your staff to unplug them when they’re not charging a device.  Across the company, across the year, this will have a positive impact on bills, and is also better for the environment. Small steps but we hope you agree that these simple, basic and eminently do-able ideas might all combine to help straight away with the energy efficiency of your business.

Published by Utility Helpline on (modified )