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10 reasons to use business energy brokers

In the quest to keep energy costs down, more and more businesses are enlisting the services of a business energy broker. But what do they offer that makes them so vital to UK businesses?   1. Knowledge. Energy brokers have a deep understanding of the commercial energy business. The best will constantly monitor gas and electricity market prices, enabling them to help their clients make informed business energy buying decisions. business energy brokers 2. Independence. A fundamental advantage of using business energy brokers is their impartiality. Because they work independently of all the UK business gas and electricity suppliers, their  service is totally unbiased, meaning businesses get a better deal. 3. They keep suppliers competitive. Using an energy broker forces competition in the market, which can only be a good thing for businesses. Energy suppliers will offer better prices to brokers in comparison those that they give directly to customers, predominantly because they know they must compete for the contracts. This competitive element brings down the suppliers' profit margins, and in turn your business energy costs. 4. Energy Management. Many of the top UK energy brokers offer an energy management service. The ongoing support and contract management means that clients are reminded well in advance of their contract renewal date, ensuring they won't automatically rollover into a new contract. Equally importantly, it gives clients ample time to take advantage of any new business energy offers. 5. Strong supplier relationships. Energy brokers build working relationships with all the key business electricity and gas suppliers, ensuring they can pass on extremely competitive prices, without compromising the quality of the energy service that clients receive. 6. Energy industry experience. Its important to source an energy broker that has operated in the utilities industry for a considerable amount of time. Without long-standing experience, and the supplier relationships that come with it, it's harder for an energy broker to source  the best business gas and electricity comparison deals. 7. A holistic service. A broker's job is not just about finding the best deals. It's equally important to ensure that businesses are energy efficient. A good energy broker can provide simple, step by step advice on reducing  businesses energy consumption and in turn reduce utility bills. They will be able to offer this service to suit all types of business, of any size and with any budget. 8. Group Purchasing. This means brokers are able to set up and manage multi-site contracts. This simplifies and reduces business energy costs if a company is made up multiple properties. 9. Flexible buying. A business energy broker will help companies set up and manage flexible price energy purchasing. 'Flexible Commercial Energy Procurement' offers great freedom over their energy purchasing and is ideal for those businesses who don't want their entire business energy purchasing decisions fixed all in one go. 10. Energy suppliers need them. Ironically, energy suppliers value the contribution of brokers to the industry, viewing them as an important channel to retail energy markets. Energy brokers retail presence actually means suppliers don't need such large sales and marketing, saving them on sales staff wages and outbound marketing and advertising costs associated. In fact, energy brokers make up nearly 50% of some energy suppliers' sales. Save

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