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Modern challenges for pub landlords and how to overcome them  

The decline of the British pub industry has been well documented in newspapers over recent years. Today, nearly 30 pubs close each week, depriving many communities of a viable place to meet and socialise. Landlords and publicans are fighting harder and more ferociously than ever to stay open in the face of modern political and…

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how to check your energy bills

How to break down your business energy bill

There has been a lot of media comment on the price of energy in recent months. Following political pressure, the ‘Big Six’ energy firms finally agreed to drop their prices in line with the falling costs. Consumer groups though, complain that the price drops have been too slow and too shallow compared to wholesale costs….

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commercial kitchen energy

How the right kitchen appliances can save energy

Your latest domestic energy bill may well, even now, be stuck up on the fridge, next to the magnetic letters the kids use to spell rude words they shouldn’t even know.  And the bill for your commercial kitchen will make for equally unpleasant reading. However, while we’re in the kitchen, let’s spend some time thinking…

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energy broker code of conduct

Ofgem Energy Code of Conduct

Ofgem, the body that regulates the energy industry, has further outlined its proposals for an Energy Code, which will bind everyone from the “Big Six” energy suppliers, through to brokers such as Utility Helpline. Early plans for this code had originally been criticised for being rather vague, but Ofgem has since consulted with the energy…

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energy saving ideas for your staff

10 Ways to Get Your Staff Saving Energy AND Money!

There are many, many ways you might consider saving on your energy bills, not least of which is calling Utility Helpline to source the right business energy bill for your company.  However, the most simple, practical, effective and logistical way of saving on your actual energy business usage, is to get the staff on board,…

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Reduce the cost of running your pub. Part 1 – Lighting.

There was some good news to be found in George Osborne’s 2014 budget, especially if you run a pub, or like the occasional snifter yourself.  The budget took a penny off the pint, just as it did in 2013.  OK, so a penny isn’t going to save the industry on its own, but it’s certainly…

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