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What is a Letter of Authority?

Keeping on top of your utilities can sometimes seem major task… you need to be across so many different things it’s a wonder we ever actually get to turn the lights on. And that is precisely where Letters of Authority come in.  Rather than the supplier continually having to contact you, as the customer, or indeed the customer contact them (going through more levels of security than it takes Julian Assange to get to his Facebook page), simply create one Letter of Authority (LoA) that lets the experts at Utility Helpline handle it all for you.  Imagine all that pressure, time and bother taken off your shoulders. This one single document allows us, entrusted with your authority, to get on with the job of finding you the best energy rates for your business, and ensuring you are constantly on the most competitive tariff.

What are the limitations of a LOA?


letter of authority for an energy company Well, naturally the authority granted is completely limited to your energy affairs, extending to whichever of those we are managing for you.  It allows us to work on your behalf, firstly surveying what it is your business needs, secondly securing the best rates available and then. thirdly, working on an on-going basis to manage that process in the most competitive way possible. And even better,   there is no cost involved in setting this up.  Utility Helpline will manage the whole process for you, gathering all the right details to make sure that whenever we act on your behalf, we are doing so with your best interests at heart, fighting to ensure the most competitive rates for your business.  The owner of the business will simply be required to put their signature on the letter and we can then get on with our business, which is your energy business - the business of finding, securing the monitoring the best energy deals for you. However, signing the letter of authority doesn’t mean you are tied to any particular supplier, or indeed any particular deal, or even that you will be cut off from your current supplier. It is a simple matter of granting permission – permission to review the energy use and requirements of your business, and match those to best supplier in terms of price and contract detail.  And if we do find a better deal for you, then – with your permission – we can arrange the transfer to that new supplier for you, managing that process at every stage to ensure a smooth transition, with no interruption to your service.

How many types of Letter of Authority are there?

There are two levels of Letter of Authority.  Think of Level 1 as the basic level, allowing only limited access to information.  That information might include your current bills, invoices and payments terms for utilities, meter readings, intel around energy consumption and any data from third parties that might be useful to securing you the best energy deal.  Level 2 is a step up to a standard level, with permission to view more detailed data, with everything included at Level 1, plus the ability to act on your authority to access past contracts and account details, tenancy information, bill management and some historical correspondence regarding energy use.  Crucially, it alos allows the broker to agree a new contract on your behalf, and arrange that transfer process from start to finish. So in conclusion, it’s about choice, it’s about resolving any problems as and when they occur on your behalf, without needing to contact you continually, and take you away from your main focus, which is running your business.  It’s about ease, convenience and saving you time.  

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