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The secret to getting great business energy prices is… …timing!

Yes, just like the art of comedy and cooking, the secret of securing the best business energy prices is all in the timing.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect gag, or the perfect salmon en croute, it’s not only about the what… but the when. Many businesses, for instance, will not be aware that you need not wait for your business energy supply contract to expire, before you go hunting for another.  Far from it.  Of course in reality you can check the market for another deal whenever you like, although you will be tied to your current contract under the terms you signed.  However, in terms particularly of your gas supply, up to four months before your current contract expires you can start looking at business energy prices and start to pre-arrange your next energy contract. Many companies won’t take advantage of this opportunity, and are therefore putting themselves at a disadvantage. In such a volatile economic environment, keeping on top of such variables may be the difference that keeps you ahead of the competition - in culinary terms, trimming the excess fiscal fat - keeping your business lean and nimble.

Business energy contract notice periods

In addition, in terms of timing - if you are thinking of switching your business gas contract, you may well be bound, under the terms of your existing contract, to provide a 90-day notice period.  In effect, if you wait until the end of the contract, you may find yourself having to wait another three months.  So to smooth the transition to a better deal, it is always prescient to start this process way before the current contract expires. Bear in mind, also, that even if your business energy contract is fixed, that may well only hold true for the duration, rather than the price.  For this reason it’s important to keep abreast of the market as much as possible, or else use the resources and expertise of a broker such as Utility Helpline to do that for you.  Like the stock market, the energy market continually fluctuates, depending on global influences of supply and demand.  Utility Helpline can make an audit of your company’s requirements and levels of energy usage, and hold that up against the business energy prices that the market offers, in order to choose the one that provides the best match, and then organise the switch at the correct time.  Because for gas, just like gags and gazpacho soup… it’s all in the timing.

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