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Research reveals why we're the number 1 choice for our customers

Here at Utility Helpline we are always keen to keep track on what customers think of our service, and further, how we might improve that service in the future. To that end, we recently conducted customer research, to find out firstly, why people have used Utility Helpline in the past, and secondly, what they thought of the service we provided. We thought the results were rather illuminating and that we should share them with you, with a view to disseminating opinion and hopefully assisting, as you yourself look to make changes in your business energy provider, to help your business in difficult economic times. Firstly, our customers confirmed, once again, what we know to be true. Energy bills are amongst the biggest expenses to a business, along with the premises and staff costs. However, dealing with energy companies - and their bills - is also the biggest hassle many businesses now face, alongside chasing bad debts and unpaid invoices. How much better, therefore, to have a company that can take that sometimes onerous task from your shoulders, and deal with the energy market on your behalf? Utility Helpline is thereby able to use its expertise to find you the most competitive deal, but perhaps more important that that... save you the hassle of doing so, allowing you to return to the important aspects of running your business. Customers also remarked that Utility Helpline are firstly, incredible easy to contact, via phone or online; and secondly, very responsive to that contact, getting back in touch where requested and helping with the advice and information required. However that is only the beginning of the story.  We hope – and our customer research back this up – that the initial contact will be only the first contact in what will evolve into a long, on-going and fruitful working relationship. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our customers. Our research reached out to customers who, it transpires, have been using Utility Helpline for many years. When asked what they liked about the service, they responded, most tellingly, that they liked dealing with the same person, each time they are in contact with Utility Helpline. Dealing with the same staff member enables you to build up a personal relationship - someone who can get to know you, your business, and what your business needs from its energy supplier – rather than someone who changes every time you pick up the phone. Customers continually commented on the trust they felt with the staff, and with that personal, bespoke service, often described as ‘excellent’. Staff at Utility Helpline are always willing to go that extra bit further to help out our clients. Once you have contracted the services of Utility Helpline to manage your business energy needs, our customers backed up our own belief in the benefits Utility Helpline provides: always the most competitive prices with an immediate impact on your energy bills, and efficient staff who will always get in touch when your renewals are due. Imagine having someone take away the headache of dealing directly with the energy companies, a company that can also resolve any issues that arise?  Well ask our customers and they will tell you to imagine... Utility Helpline.

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