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9 costly excuses for not switching your energy

Switching suppliers is the number one way to save on your energy bills. This rings true for domestic and non-domestic energy users. This week, an MP who chairs the Commons business select committee said that UK consumers are in an “abusive relationship” with the big six energy suppliers. Iain Wright questioned why the public was so reluctant to switch energy suppliers when cheaper tariffs were available elsewhere. The Competition and Markets Authority found that 70% of the big six energy companies – British Gas, EDF, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE – were on expensive standard variable tariffs. Switching your energy supply has never been easier, but millions of Brits still find an excuse for not changing their supplier. Even business customers, who are usually more price-sensitive, find excuses not to switch and save. Here are some of the most common ones that we hear in our office.

It takes a long time

The time it takes to switch energy suppliers has come down in recent years for domestic and non-domestic customers. You still hear stories of people waiting months for suppliers to respond to your meter readings, but these cases are the exception to the rule. If any of our customers run into problems during the switchover, then Utility Helpline can help resolve any issues with suppliers.

It’s not worth it for the savings

You’d be surprised. We hear this excuse a lot in various forms. But in reality, lots of customers end up saving more than they expect to. Because Utility Helpline energy brokers get tenders from 20 handpicked energy suppliers, it gives us a great chance of finding the best deal for our customers.

I’ll have to pay exit fees

This might be true for business customers. But sometimes it might be worth paying the exit fees. If you are locked into a bad contract, and you know about another deal where the savings outstrip the exit costs then the switch is worthwhile. Otherwise you can always set a reminder for when your energy contract finishes, so you know when to negotiate a new one and avoid rolling over onto a bad contract. Utility Helpline reminds all its energy broker customers when it’s time to renegotiate.

I don’t know how to switch

Switching your business energy supplier has never been easier. For some companies, switching online via a business energy comparison website can get a good deal, but these services often don’t return the best deal. Energy brokers like Utility Helpline find the best deal for customers by putting bespoke tenders out to multiple suppliers and negotiating the best prices. This takes the hassle out of switching.

I don’t have the right paperwork

Switching takes some basic information, but you shouldn’t worry if your energy records aren’t fully up to date. At Utility Helpline we can start the switching process with some basic facts about your organisation and we can help you find or estimate information about your consumption.

The prices will just increase next week

Energy prices do go up and down, but you can protect yourself against price increases by taking out a fixed price contract, which can freeze your prices for up to ten years. Be wary though, because prices can fall as quickly as they rise. Utility Helpline can help advise you on the best type of contract to take out.

I rent my premises

Renting your premises doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t switch your energy supplier. It will depend on the agreement you have with your landlord but in the majority of cases, if you are directly paying the bills, then you will be able to switch the supply. If you aren’t able to switch the supply yourself, then you can always talk to the landlord about switching suppliers for you.

I can’t afford the business disruption

Business disruption is a valid concern. If a switchover is managed badly then you could spend a long time on the phone to your supplier. But in terms of the gas and electricity flowing into your business, there won’t be any disruption to your supply. Utility Helpline try to make the switchover as easy as possible. We do all the heavy lifting to make sure our customers don’t have to deal and if there are any problems then we are always happy to get them sorted.

I don’t understand my bills

Bills can be complicated, especially when it comes to comparing different types of contract, which makes it difficult to compare deals. Utility Helpline will guide you through each stage of a contract and help you decide which one is best.

All the suppliers are the same

Not all energy suppliers are equal. They supply the same energy using the same infrastructure, but their prices and service levels are different. Utility Helpline ensure that our customers get the best energy supplier by tendering to 20 different suppliers, handpicked based on their past service history.

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