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Keeping your pub an efficient business

There are many ways to make your pub efficient, and by that we don’t mean watering down Ted’s brandy so he doesn’t fall off his stool.  Again. We’re talking about energy efficiencies.  Pubs are often big spaces that need to be kept warm and light, and in this current age of rising energy bills, that can have a big impact on the profitability of the business.  However, take some rather simple steps and you could see those bills come down by as much as 40%.  And that means Ted can call by for his end-of-evening snifter for many more years to come. Pubs often undergo refurbishments, to change everything around and generally brighten the place up (across the sector the average is every eight or so years).  If you are planning to refurbish your own pub, this can provide the perfect time to bring in some of these energy saving efficiencies and then start to see the savings in your bills

Energy-saving technology

For instance, we live in a world of fast changing technological developments.  Some of these are designed specifically for returning energy saving benefits to the pub trade.  And many can be incorporated, in liaison with your contractor, during the refurbishment process, which provides the perfect chance to bring the pub up to spec, in terms of its structural efficiency.  And don’t worry, that holds true whatever the size of the establishment. In all probability the pub is going to be closed during the refurbishment process, so you might as well maximise the opportunity.  For instance, did you know that about two thirds of the heat in the pub is likely to be lost through the walls, ceiling and floor?  So why not look to shore this up, perhaps with insulation or a more efficient heating system for the pub. We’re drifting into the winter months and there’s nothing better than a warm pub to chase the cold away.  However, there’s no point letting the heat escape.  You may as well grab some fivers from the till and throw them out the window.  So such technology might also include a 7-day electronic timer, which can cope with many different settings for each day.  In other words, at your quieter times, the pub will automatically turn the heating down, cranking it back up when needed.

Efficient water heating

Water can also be a cost, both in terms of wasted hot water, and also water in the toilets.  Again, like the heating system it’s all about water conservation.  Flush controls for the urinals can therefore automate the process and ensure they only flush when needed, saving on wasted water.  In terms of the hot water, keep the hot tap at about 60°C - that’s hot enough to kill off germs and for patrons to wash their hands.  Any hotter and you’re really wasting energy and money... not to mention scalding the patrons!  We need their hands kept at the correct temperature for the successful and correct lifting of a pint glass to the lips. Moving into the kitchen. If you can’t stand the heat... then get out the energy efficiency measures!  You might want to consider completely outsourcing the catering and taking that onus off your own shoulders, which can also help when planning budgets.  If you run your own kitchen, you can locate savings and identify possible savings in operational costs using sub meters.  You might also be able to try out such technology to see what savings might be made. So, a few simple steps that might really help your business save energy and save money, leaving you to focus on the altogether more interesting job of standing front of house, serving the punters!    

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