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Hints and Tips for Pubs & Bars to Lower Energy Consumption

Lowering consumption will help lower your energy costs. Electricity Lighting
  • The most efficient light is one that is not on!! Always switch lights off in unoccupied areas or when you leave rooms
  • Always specify energy efficient, A rated bulbs or fluorescent tubes when purchasing replacements
  • Label light switches, especially large banks. If staff know what a switch does, they are more likely to only switch on the lights they want
  • If possible, only switch the lights on just before you need them at opening time.
  • Remind staff who are on the premises outside opening hours to only switch on lights they need
  • Make sure that all windows and skylights are kept clean and use natural light wherever possible. Consider whether you need the lights on for very bright days?
  • Clean all lightshades, diffusers and reflectors to ensure lighting does not dim over time. Replace discoloured diffusers
  • Review the level of lighting to ensure that you only have the light levels you need. For instance corridors do not always need to be brightly lit, whereas kitchens may need higher levels
  • Ensure that lights are switched off when the premises are unoccupied. This should include signage and external lighting if not required
  • Work with staff to make them aware of energy efficiency and what you are trying to achieve. Raise the issue in staff meetings to ensure they understand and give regular feedback. Your staff are your best energy managers!!
  • Consider fitting dimmer switches where light levels are higher than required
  • Fit infra red sensors in low occupancy areas such as toilets to ensure lights are switched off
  • Fit push button light switches in areas like store cupboards which only have short term use. These will allow the lights to be on for a fixed short time
  • Fit photocells to internal lighting to ensure they are only on when light levels are low, not during bright summer days
  • Fit daylight detectors to outside lighting to ensure it only operates when light levels are low
  • If timers are fitted to outside lights, make sure they are altered throughout the year when the clocks move and to take account of longer summer days
For the rest of this FREE energy efficiency report for Pubs & Licensed Premises (Cellars and air conditioning electricity usage, Kitchens, Gas, Boilers etc) please  contact us

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