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High profile business gas supplier in Indian call centre move

The UK business gas supplier, British Gas has confirmed it’s planning to relocate a large number of positions abroad from its Leicestershire offices, although as yet they have not confirmed how many jobs will have to go. Bosses at the utility supplier remained tight-lipped about the exact location the jobs would be moved to, but the service union Unison have stated that they will probably be moving to India. British Gas disclosed that the intended cuts were part of an ongoing effort to maintain cheap gas and electricity prices. A spokesperson said "Having spent significant time exploring alternative options, we have reluctantly concluded that we will now be moving forward with the off-shoring of a number of non-customer facing roles from the Leicester office." She added: "We are working closely with our people to ensure that all of those leaving the business will be given support, and will be treated fairly, and with respect." Exactly how many people will be leaving the company has not yet been decided and continues to be subject to discussion. Ed Bratt, Unison regional officer, who represents a many of the British Gas employees, added: "This is sad news that the move is going ahead with jobs being transferred to India. "We have managed to reduce drastically the number of posts affected and we have ensured that the many that are leaving will not depart until the first quarter of next year." British Gas is one of the largest domestic and business energy suppliers in the UK and currently employs about 2,000 people in Leicestershire, including several hundred at the Spinneyside call centre and administrative office in Grove Park. Its expected that most of the planned job losses will occur here. Most of the displaced workers are currently in administrative roles dealing with business energy customers. Their average salary ranges from £18,000 to £22,000. However, an equivalent employee in India would probably receive a wage of about half that. The impact of this move won’t only be felt by the employees, it will also have a knock on effect on business energy customers, who feel more comfortable dealing with a UK call centre. As more suppliers outsource abroad, using an independent commercial energy broker becomes more important than ever. For an Independent Business Energy Comparison, call Utility Helpline now on 0800 043 0423.

Published by Utility Helpline on