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At Utility Helpline, our in-depth understanding of the commercial gas and electricity industry and our constant monitoring of market prices, allow us to help our clients make informed business energy buying decisions.

Compare business energy prices

  • No Obligation, Energy Price Comparison – by working with all the key UK business gas and commercial electricity comparison suppliers we can provide extremely competitive energy prices, whilst not lowering the quality of the energy service you will receive. We do all the leg work for you.
  • Ongoing Support & Contract Management – as part of our commercial energy management service we will always remind our clients in advance of their contract renewal date to ensure they have the freedom to take advantage of new business energy offers and do not fall foul of automatic rollovers.
  • Flexible Commercial Energy Procurement - we help clients set up and manage flexible price energy purchasing, which offers greater freedom over procurement for clients who do not want to fix their entire business energy purchasing decisions on one day.
  • Impartial – we work independently of the 11+ gas and electricity suppliers we use in our energy broker service. Our energy service is impartial and unbiased.
  • Experience – our highly skilled, professional staff have worked within the utilities industry for many years. This experience is vital in helping you to achieve the best gas and electricity comparison deal for your business.
  • Energy Efficiency Services – to suit all business types, sizes and budgets. Step by step guide on how to reduce your businesses energy consumption and therefore reduce your energy bills.
  • Our commitment - we pride ourselves in delivering the best gas and electricity comparison and customer care.
  • Group Purchasing - we can set up and manage multi-site contracts to simplify and reduce business energy costs, if you have more than one property.

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