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FAQs about business gas prices and electricity comparison costs

What information do you need from me to get a energy quote? Business Gas – Your commercial gas bill will show us your Meter Point Reference Number or MPRN. The MPRN is unique to the property & tells us important information like how much business gas you use annually. This information is vital in helping us offer you accurate gas and electricity prices. Business Electricity – Yourcommercial electricity bill will hold your Meter Point Administration Number or MPAN, which is again unique to the property. As with business gas, your electricity MPAN number will tell us what kind of meter you have and therefore what kind of tariff will be correct for your property. How does the energy prices comparison work?
  • It's simple, fill in our online form or call us FREE on 0800 043 0423.
  • We will ask a few quick questions to assess your business energy needs and then review your current charges against current market offers from a range of key UK business gas and business electricity energy suppliers.
  • We will then call you back and let you know how much you could save.
  • If you are happy with what we have recommended, you then have the option to accept the business energy supplier's offer.
  • We will then manage the process of switching for you.
Is there any cost for this energy comparison service? Our Service is simple and cost-effective to use. Suppliers whose prices we have access to have to, pay us a commission for every sale they make through Utility Helpline. This commission allows us to continue to provide our excellent service, which you can use time and time again. How long does this take to switch business electricity and gas suppliers? Transferring to a new business energy supplier will take between 4-6 weeks. If you do decide to switch we will manage this process for you to ensure a smooth transfer. Why should I compare and switch energy supplier? Switching your business gas or business electricity supplier could save you as much as 65% a year. You may also find that other energy suppliers have a range of services or tariffs that are more suitable to your business energy needs. If I do switch? Will there be any interruption to my supply? No, your new energy supplier will continue to use exactly the same wires, cables and pipes as are currently used. We will arrange the transfer of your business gas or electricity and the only change you will notice is the suppliers name at the top of the bill, and the electricity or gas at the new lower price! Why don't you show business gas prices and business electricity prices online? Business Gas & Electricity Online Price comparison sites that show prices online use "Pricing matrix" or "Price Books". We also have access to these business energy prices and they can be very competitive, however not all leading business energy suppliers offer these quick energy quote pricing books. In order to ensure we source our clients the best commercial gas and electricity quotes available, we use both methods to source & compare business electricity and gas. Therefore we prefer not to offer just a limited range of energy prices online, choosing instead to send a simple business energy price comparison sheet, outlining our most competitive business energy suppliers' offers directly to our clients via e-mail or fax.

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