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Business energy prices may rise 25% by 2020

Brace yourselves – in terms of business energy prices, we may have a bumpy few years ahead of us. This month, executives from the Big Six energy suppliers - E.On, NPower, Scottish & Southern, Scottish Power and British Gas – went before the House of Commons Energy Committee.  And what they had to say does not, regrettably, make for pleasant reading. The issue, it seems, lies in the twin pressures of the nature of the market and the need for investment; the buffeting forces of the initial cost-price of the energy itself, and the continued need for environmental infrastructural upgrades.  The net result is that these transfer and distribution costs, estimated to be as much as £22 billion, will ultimately be passed onto the customer.

Business energy broker services

Of course the elephant in the room is the concurrent increased profit margins that also seem to be enjoyed by these energy companies - Ofgem, the industry regulator, estimates that since September, profit margins have increased by approaching 40%.  That is something Ofgem continue to investigate and, in turn, Utility Helpline will keep track of that progress.  However in the meantime, it’s increasingly important to carefully consider your company’s energy needs, and to use the services of a broker such as Utility Helpline to keep across the market, and take the pressure of sourcing the best deal from your shoulders, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business. By scouring through our panel of suppliers, we can check the market, and secure the best business energy prices for both gas and electricity.  And with a possible 40% saving on direct renewal prices, making your business more energy-efficient will not only offset these price hikes, but may potentially mean you’ll still come out on top!

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