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Business energy management means more than just your gas and electricity

Running a business is as much a matter of juggling time as managing the accounts.  And whatever the rude health of the books, most managers will count themselves time-poor. This is where effective time management comes in – that particular skill of judging how much time you have during the day, and how best it should be exerted.  Anyone who attempts to work through each and every item in their in-tray is likely to exhaust themselves. In actuality, there is likely to be list of priorities, an order in which things should be tackled first.  The answer isn’t merely to work longer hours – in fact, studies have found productivity declines the longer you work.  Instead, the better choice is not to slog it out with your day, but to box clever, to make more effective use of your resources of energy, and available hours in the day. This is where your own, personal, 'business energy management' skills become vital. A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review details how energy derives from four sources: mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Rather than simply draining each of these wellsprings for their supplies of energy, the report suggests the best strategy is to keep them “topped up”.  Productivity does not simply relate to time spent chained to the desk.  Sometimes taking a break, or delegating responsibility, can create space, open up reserves of energy, recharge the batteries. In a sense, that’s where an energy broker such as Utility Helpline can prove invaluable.  For many business people, there is simply not the time in the day for trawling through the energy supply sector, or even using energy aggregators.  Instead, Utility Helpline is able to undertake the entire process, from commission to implementation, leaving you confident someone is looking for the best deal for your company, from all the key suppliers, with the extra reassurance of on-going advice and support. In effect, if we handle your business energy needs, it leaves you with more of your own, to direct into the effective day to day running of your company.

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