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Compare business electricity tariffs and save money

Utility Helpline are a leading UK business electricity prices comparison and switching service. We work hard to help your business save time and money by scouring the electricity market and securing the cheapest prices from the top UK business electricity suppliers. In today's global climate of spiralling costs, it has become increasingly important to compare business electricity prices. Many of our clients operate in energy-intensive industries and look to us to save them many thousands of pounds each year by applying our longstanding expertise in business electricity comparison to secure them the cheapest business electricity prices. Ofgem, the energy regulation body, carried out an independent surgery and discovered that those companies using a reputable business electricity price comparison service such as UHL, had lower electricity bills than companies who remain with the same supplier after each year.

An established business electricity price comparison service

Utility Helpline was initially formed to offer business gas and business electricity prices comparison services, comparing the business energy market to secure the very best prices from our panel of leading suppliers. The expertise and the experience we've garnered over years of working in the energy industry sets us apart. Business electricity prices tend to be volatile and may frequently change on a daily basis but our team have the latest information at their fingertips, so you know you are getting the most up to the minute electricity prices on the market. Furthermore, we offer an unbiased and impartial service; Utility Helpline is not affiliated to any specific energy supplier. As well as offering a market-leading business electricity prices comparison service, we also take out the stress of switching business electricity suppliers, guiding you along the way and helping to simplify the process as much as possible. We ensure there is no interruption to your electricity or gas supply when the switch occurs and we strike early to prevent you getting stuck in a costly rollover deal, once your fixed-term contract ends. Utility Helpline offer you:
  • A no obligation service spanning business electricity and business gas.
  • An average saving reaching as much as 40% when compared with energy quotes from direct renewals.
  • Completely impartial business electricity advice - on your behalf, not the suppliers.
  • Excellent market knowledge gained over years, ensuring we find the best electricity prices when you need them.
  • Your own account manager, ensuring a simple and pain-free changeover process.
Why not try our business electricity prices comparison service by contacting us today, and start saving money straight away.

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