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How to burn less electricity in your kitchen. Pub energy saving guide - Part 2.

Pubs are a business, just like any other, and they equally suffer from rising fuel bills. They might therefore also look to make similar energy efficiencies. Although it’s hard to control what comes through the doors in terms of punters, it’s easier to control what goes back out, in terms of energy wastage.  So at Utility Helpline we’re taking a tour around the average pub to have a think about the places where energy might be saved.  This time around we’re stopping in… the kitchen. So here are some thoughts for how to reduce electricity usage in the kitchen and again, you need all staff on side to make this work, especially your chef and his kitchen staff.  Get everyone involved and make them realise how important it is to making a success of the business… and thereby keeping everyone in their jobs. Some of it may seem petty, but each little step will make its own contribution. In terms, firstly, of ventilation in the room, fit a thermostat so that it only kicks in when temperatures run high.  At periods where there is no cooking activity, there may not be the need to keep the room air-conditioned.

Simple energy-saving steps

A couple of other simple, basic, but very easy steps to take. Outside of your opening hours, turn off the hot water urns – there’s no need keeping the water piping hot if there are no customers. Also, talk to the KPs and ask them to make sure the dishwashers are stacked correctly and are completely full, before they are run. A little more ergonomics in terms of the stacking and you’ll be saving money. Finally, appliances can use up to 60% of their electricity when only on standby. Leaving them on standby is not turning them off, so ask staff to switch everything off when they leave for the night.  Sometimes - and with the best will in the world - staff can be less strict when it’s not their own bills they’re running up. save energy in pub kitchenThe major issue in the kitchen is not the steam coming out of chef‘s ears during the busy lunch hours… but rather, the fridges and freezers. However, a few simple, sensible steps, and you can cut down electricity here too. Naturally you need to keep foods separate but equally, try to fill each fridge up before you start with the next one. And if you can do without one unit… turn it off. Of course escaping cold air cools what can be a hot room, but costs money. We don’t live inside an 80’s American movie, so keep those doors closed and find another way to cool off. According to the ads of the same decade, a cold Coke does just the job. Equally, make sure the seals are tight to the appliances and no cold air can get out, that the vents are clean and clear and that the area around the fridges and freezers are also well ventilated.  Finally, don’t place these units next to cookers, as they will work against one another in terms of getting hot and keeping cool. So, take regular meter readings and make sure you only pay for the electricity you use.  You are the landlord and at the end of the day: you have to stand the heat because you can’t leave the kitchen! You can, however, take advantage of Utility Helpline's specialist knowledge within the publican industry by using the Quick Quote form on this page, or by calling 0800 043 0423. Save Money Today!

Published by Utility Helpline on (modified )