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A long winter for wholesale gas prices.


"Now is the winter of our discontent”.  So said Richard III in a play by one William Shakespeare. However, even Shakey would have been impressed by the poetic shop assistant of a Millet’s camping store, who adapted a sign in the shop window to read: “now is the discount on our winter tent”. Richard III would probably be even more discontented if he realised he would spend the next 400 years buried under what became a council carpark in Leicester.  So OK, Dicky wins the Winter Discontent prize.  But whichever way you shape it, this has truly been a long, cruel winter, which even now doesn’t seem ready to let go its grip.  Households still have their heating on as we move into May, with bills consequently rocketing.  And the same is true of the business sector, where the cold weather has also led to increased energy bills. But wait, because it gets worse.  Last month the weather also pushed wholesale gas prices up from 70p/therm to over 100p/therm.  So it’s a double-whammy – not only do we find we need to use more energy, but we may end up paying more for that energy as well. If you’re on a fixed-price deal, of course, you are protected for the time being but even then, the impact will be felt in the future.  From May 2012 to April 2013 (the year covering this infernal winter) we have witnessed wholesale gas prices creeping up by 7%.  The record-breakingly cold March in 2013 accounted for half of that on its own. There is a chink of light in the dark however.  The first chink of light may well come from the sun itself, the big round immersion heater in the sky, which has started to make a welcome appearance once again.  Secondly, Utility Helpline is on hand to make sure that whatever you need to pay for your business energy, it is not more than you have to pay.  Energy prices can vary by up to over 200% for the same size company and the average small or medium-sized business could save over £1000 annually with our help - just try our price review.   So be one of only 7% of businesses who shop around, enjoy lower prices… longer days… and the return of that big golden round thing in the sky!    

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