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Who is the cheapest business energy supplier

Who is the cheapest business energy supplier?

This is a big question and one we get asked often. The business energy market can change daily and therefore who the most competitive supplier can also change. The only real way to judge this is to compare all business energy prices on a like for like basis, as many suppliers have different terms and conditions or have different meanings for the same words (seriously).  We understand that this isn’t always an easy job to do directly, so we recommend the following:

We have direct access to all UK energy supplier prices and our specially designed software system does all the hard work in comparing prices accurately. Our energy advisors are also highly trained and experienced in all things energy to help you get the best for your business.

But what if you want to do this yourself:

·         Always ask to see any business energy contract offer in writing before proceeding. Differences in terms and conditions (hidden additional charges) can make a big difference to your costs.

·         Always compare what you are being offered to your current energy tariff (shown on your bill).  This means you can fully understand if you are signing up to an increase or a decrease in yearly costs.

·         It’s important to know what you are going to be paying! So, try and convert all offers into estimated yearly costs or spend. This way, differences in unit rates and standing charges or other associated charges can be reflected in a format that highlights the true costs to your business i.e.) what you are likely to be paying monthly or yearly.

·         Always ask if the contract is fully fixed or if it has any elements that can be changed and for what reason they would change the price.

·         Avoid being pushed to do verbal contracts before seeing the offer in writing, prices don’t change as quickly as you might be led to believe, and often these pressure tactics have a hidden agenda.


Who is the best business energy supplier?

Another question we often get asked is who the best business energy supplier is? “Best” means different things to different people and is often very personal to the needs of the business.  Whilst some businesses just look for low prices, others may require green energy, bespoke contact terms, fixed or flexible contracts or prefer online billing (to reduce paper waste).

 We can help with any request and always have a supplier that can meet a business’s needs

From experience and speaking with our clients what they look for in supplier is

·         Competitive business energy prices

·         Accurate and timely billing

·         Honest and quick response to any issues that may arise

Most UK energy suppliers work hard to treat customers in a respectful manor and provide an easy to use service, but they do make mistakes. We find how they deal with their mistake is what sets them apart. 

We have direct line contact numbers to a dedicated account manager within most UK business energy suppliers, so can deal with problems quickly and make sure our clients aren’t getting mistreated.  We also know the good, the bad and the ugly and will give you advice on whom perhaps to be cautious of.

Cheap isn’t always the best and often it’s good to go online and research the suppliers or energy brokers who are offering such great prices. A simple google search (other search engines are available) would normally highlight any potential issues, but not always.

Therefore, we choose to only work with suppliers we know will look after our clients and who, when a mistake is made, will offer genuine support and help. We also offer a complete care package that supports our clients to help save them time and money.

For more details please call us on 01432 378690


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