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Weekly Energy Market Update 30/11/2018

In the UK, cooler weather saw demand rise and despite healthy supplies and high wind output, the system was slightly undersupplied. The colder British weather sparked an increase in demand, resulting in the system being under-supplied (although only marginally). This was surprising considering good supplies and wind output. There were continued arrivals of LNG to…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 23/11/18

There were continuing market falls last week as the cold came and went with little impact and oil stayed down. Last week’s anticipated problems from the cold Europe weather never materialised, negating the already built-up risk premium, compounded by more temperate forecasts coming through. Oil maintained its downward trajectory with a sharp drop, as Saudi…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 09/11/18

After recent volatility, markets cooled down last week. Business prices for wholesale gas and electricity barely moved as traders looked for clear direction. The United States agreed to allow eight countries to continue buying oil from Iran, which led to some small price dips. Saudi Arabia and Russia also pumped out record volumes of oil…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 02/11/18

Premium continued to fall out of markets last week as trading fundamentals weakened prices. Oil continued its downward trend as the US signalled that it would permit eight countries to continue buying oil from Iranian oil despite sanctions. Saudi Arabia also promised to make up any shortfall in supply. Oil storage volumes in the US…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 26/10/2018

Last week, the markets cooled a little while traders sought to absorb any underlying fundamentals. There were a myriad of factors influencing prices once again, with drops in Euro carbon and coal fuelling a drop in oil prices, resulting in the market moving downwards. There was a move toward more bearish behaviour from oil traders…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 19/10/2018

Last week brought more price falls to the energy market, although these pulled up short on Friday with news of an incoming cold snap. Many different price signals fought to be heard throughout the week. Various Brexit announcements pulled markets in different ways, warm weather eased demand, the pound fluctuated and carbon prices fell sharply….

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 12/10/2018

Wholesale energy prices fell sharply last week as markets cooled down. Warm weather across much of Europe, carbon prices retreating from recent highs and a stronger pound all contributed to the downward correction. European storage levels, which have worried insiders for much of the summer, have reached volumes similar to this point last year. But…

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mild autumn affects energy prices

Wholesale Energy Prices Update 05/10/18

There was continuing market uncertainty last week as traders fumbled for clear direction signals. Oil’s volatility remained and traders were unsure whether the decreasing supply (mainly from Iran and Venezuela) could be counter-balanced by Russian and Saudi supplies. Further concerns were over the ongoing US trade war with China and how that could affect demand….

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update14/09/18

The energy markets were highly volatile last week, with the energy complex moving around. Although oil was contained across a narrow price range and lacking in clear direction, Euro carbon prices crashed at the beginning of the week but then rebounded hugely by Friday. This, in turn, had a violent knock on effect on energy…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 07/09/18

Fresh concerns about the supply of energy this winter lead to more sharp price increases. Oil is still without direction as the supply concerns borne out of the United States sanctions on Iran are balanced against the lower demand for oil due to global trade disputes. The value of the Pound dropped again last week,…

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