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How to Haggle with Business Energy Suppliers

At home, you might have bargained with your cable TV supplier when prices have gone up. You have probably haggled with your mobile phone provider for a new handset. But have you ever wished that you could bring down your energy bills? Well, if you run a business, you can. Ofgem rules prohibit negotiations for…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 08/02/2019

Wholesale energy prices fell again last week as more risk was sucked out of the market. Ongoing gas supplies remain healthy across Europe and a dip in the price of coal both contributed to downward pressure. The price of oil stagnated somewhat as opposing factors competed for dominance. In his State of the Union address,…

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Making Your Retail Business More Energy Efficient

Retail businesses make a lot of the same mistakes when it comes to energy efficiency. In this blog post, we talk about some of the simple and more significant changes that can reduce energy consumption and costs in the retail environment. For practical energy efficiency help, speak to a member of our team about our…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 01/02/2019

Business energy markets pulled in different directions last week as the supply of gas held firm across Europe but oil prices increased. A well-gas system in Europe put downward pressure on energy prices, but a perception of OPEC cuts and no end to the US-China trade dispute made market traders wary. The political crisis in…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 25/01/2019

Exaggerated reports about an extended cold spell and a brighter outlook for the pound caused prices to fall again last week. European gas systems coped will with a cold snap and storage levels look strong for this time of year, so a shortage that would increase prices seems unlikely. Oil prices, which influence gas and…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 18/1/2019

With the arrival of winter proper last week, the markets saw a significant rebound. This was helped further by oil’s recovery as traders finally took OPEC at its word re the production cuts, although continual increases in US volumes tempered this. The wintry weather reached Europe and there was heavy snow across The Alps. However,…

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How to Choose a Water Supplier for Your Business

Non-household water users such as businesses, charities and public sector organisations with business premises in England can choose their water supplier, no matter how much they use. The open energy market is still relatively new. The non-domestic retail market in England only opened up in April 2017 and awareness still holds potential switchers back. Research…

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opec production cuts affect the market

Wholesale Energy Prices Update 11/1/2019

It was a week of mixed fortunes in the markets. It became evident that indeed OPEC had cut supplies, with Saudi Arabia and Russia slashing their exports, and in response oil bounced back significantly. Better news re the China-US trade stand-off added to this rebound, although it was tempered by ongoing general concerns over a…

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What Can Your Business Do For Big Energy Saving Week

Next week (21 January) is Big Energy Saving Week – a chance for UK energy users to get advice and support on how to waste less and make big savings on gas and electricity bills. Each year, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Citizens Advice join forces to reach more people. The…

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Edinburgh Premier Inn is UK’s First Battery-Powered Hotel

The Gyle Premier Inn in Edinburgh claims to be the first hotel in the country to run on battery power, after announcing the installation of a five-tonne battery on site. The new arrival checks in with 100kw of storage space. It will charge up during off-peak hours electricity is slightly cheaper and discharge through the…

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