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Climate Change Levy Increase: How it Will Affect Your Business

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an environmental tax designed to encourage businesses to operate more efficiently an reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Unless they are exempt, most businesses will pay the main CCL rate on any electricity, gas and solid fuels that they use. After a few years of incremental increases, the main CCL…

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What Factors Influence Business Energy Prices?

Wholesale energy costs, which make up between 45% and 55% of a company’s energy bill, can jump around significantly from month to month and year to year. Utility Helpline tracks these price movements in the market reports section of our website. If your fixed-term business energy contract is coming to an end, you might be…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 29/3/2019

Wholesale energy prices corrected last week, with all recovering some of their value. Oil prices rose for the first-time weeks as confidence in OPEC production fell to its lowest level since 2015 in March. This price rise was despite US supply, which continues to grow and mounting concerns about a global market slowdown. European carbon…

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Using technology to make your office more eco-friendly

Everyone’s thinking green these days… not only because we want to be kind to the planet, but because there are real eco-nomic benefits to being eco-friendly.  Here at Utility Helpline, we’ve assembled ten simple ideas of how to use technology to make these savings: Encourage greener commuting The first idea starts before you’ve even started…

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How to Handle Business Energy Sales Calls

We all know about the benefits of switching energy suppliers, to keep costs down as much as possible.  This holds true for both a domestic environment but also in a commercial context, where increasing energy costs can have a real impact on a business’ bottom line. At Utility Helpline we are always available to assist…

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spring 2019 pushes energy prices down

Wholesale Energy Prices Update 15/03/2019

As the milder weather came into effect last week, the markets witnessed a sharp fall. There was continuing movement in oil though, with traders seeking direction, yet with little change overall. Perennial market influencers jostled to provide definitive market direction in competition with pressure from the shaky global market, the OPEC cuts, plus increases in…

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LNG Surge Drives Gas Prices to 18-Month Low

A surge in liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports helped drive wholesale gas prices down to an 18-month low in Britain. Looking for a new business gas contract? Speak to our energy broker team today. Call: 0800 043 0423. This month, Britain is set to receive 14 boats carrying 1.18 million tonnes of LNG. That’s the…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 08/03/2019

Price pressure eased last week as, without seasonal norms, traders looked for any firm direction. Oil prices moved throughout the week but finished at about the same price as the start of the week as the rival forces of strong production and falling confidence in global demand remained in balance. European carbon prices stayed volatile…

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How to Haggle with Business Energy Suppliers

At home, you might have bargained with your cable TV supplier when prices have gone up. You have probably haggled with your mobile phone provider for a new handset. But have you ever wished that you could bring down your energy bills? Well, if you run a business, you can. Ofgem rules prohibit negotiations for…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 08/02/2019

Wholesale energy prices fell again last week as more risk was sucked out of the market. Ongoing gas supplies remain healthy across Europe and a dip in the price of coal both contributed to downward pressure. The price of oil stagnated somewhat as opposing factors competed for dominance. In his State of the Union address,…

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