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Edinburgh Premier Inn is UK’s First Battery-Powered Hotel

The Gyle Premier Inn in Edinburgh claims to be the first hotel in the country to run on battery power, after announcing the installation of a five-tonne battery on site. The new arrival checks in with 100kw of storage space. It will charge up during off-peak hours electricity is slightly cheaper and discharge through the…

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Energy market update 15/8/16

UK prices – The table and graph below shows the forward annual gas and electricity pricing. Oil prices initially continued to drift down, offsetting the falling pound and further negative economic sentiment. However, oil prices jumped on Thursday on news of another OPEC conference to address global supply and a forecast from the IEA of…

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Energy market update 8/7/16

UK prices – The table and graph below shows the forward annual gas and electricity pricing. After a quiet Monday, trading concentrated on fundamentals as traders realised that Brexit had little impact on current global supply and demand although currency fluctuations did influence prices. Fears of a Norwegian oil worker’s strike and asset issues gave…

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Energy regulator highlights price fixing in the wholesale energy market

The Office of Gas and Electrical Markets (Ofgem) has highlighted possible “market abuse” in the wholesale market for energy. An open letter, published on the regulator’s website raised a number of concerns about the behaviour of traders in the industry. Generally, the letter dealt with market manipulation by wholesale traders and other market participants. It…

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RSVP to The Energy Event 2015

We are pleased to announce that members of the Utility Helpline team will again be attending The Energy Event in 2015. Held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, The Energy Event is the number one event for the energy and utilities procurement industry. Attracting 7,000 professionals from across the industry, the two day…

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Will cuts to renewable energy subsidies save my business money?

The government last week announced plans to cut a number of renewable energy subsidies in an attempt to bring down energy bills in the UK. Climate lobbyists and other campaigners have criticised the move accusing the government of taking the UK “back to the dark ages” of reliance on fossil fuels. A fresh wave of…

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Don’t get caught in the contract rollover trap

As many small businesses have discovered, falling into the energy contract rollover trap can be extremely expensive. And cowboy suppliers love to snare unsuspecting businesses. To help you make sense of your contract’s fine print, we have attempted to explain what a contract rollover is in its simplest terms, and laid out some strategies for…

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quick guide to smart meters

A quick guide to smart meters

As you might expect, a smart meter contains lots of clever technology. Their defining feature is their ability to keep both you, and your energy provider up to speed on your energy consumption. It will make energy transactions more transparent and could reduce your energy bills. So, how does it all work? Smart meters are…

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Don’t just stand by, save money too – Poster download

We have designed a fourth energy awareness poster for your premises. Download it, stick it up and help your employees to become aware of the benefits of energy efficiency in the workplace. To Download A Full Size Version Of This Poster Please click here

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Employee awareness and energy efficiency in the kitchen – PDF download

We have designed another handy energy poster for the kitchen in your premises.   To Download A Full Size Version Of This Poster Please click HERE

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