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If you find a better price we'll give you £500

We’d be surprised if you secure a better price on any business utilities. But, if you can find a better price on gas, we’d be flabbergasted.

In fact, we’re so confident, we’re offering a £500 price match promise to say we’ll beat any other initial renewal quote (subject to terms and conditions). 

But it’s not just the powerful savings, it’s also the expert advice. We’ve been in business for more than a decade. Most of the customers we won in our very first years are still with us today. And they often tell us how much they value the quality of our service.


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Rely on Utility Helpline for a simple, hassle-free service

It’s not just about low prices. It’s about delivering a super-easy, predictable service.

So, here’s the simple five-step process we work through:


1. For the initial analysis

Keeping things as quick and simple as possible, our consultant finds out about your business, its energy use, how you currently buy your electricity, and what you pay.


2. For the tendering

We search our wide network of 35+ utility suppliers to help you find the lowest tarriff and correct contract terms for your business.


3. For the recommendations

We give you every option (it’s not unusual to get +70 of them). We rank them. We point out any potential pitfalls or hidden extras. And we give you our honest, unbiased recommendations.


4. For the switchover

Don’t worry. We make the switch as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our aim is to eliminate any disruption. And, if there are any disputes or unexpected issues with either supplier, we deal with them.

happy customer

5. For ever after

We built our business on long-term customer relationships. So, you can keep on relying on us. We can advise on energy-saving strategies, step-in to deal with any questions or issues, and negotiate an unbeatable price when your contracts are due for renewal.


guaranteed hassle free solution

We guarantee a hassle-free switching solution

We promise that we will provide a responsible, reliable, hassle-free switching service. We manage thousands of business energy switches every year.

And we are experts at getting it right. So, we do all the hard work, managing the entire process, and keeping you updated throughout. 

In the unlikely event of any switching error that incurs additional charges (terms apply), we promise to compensate you fully.

Benefit from fixed prices for up to five years

A lot of our customers tell us the most important factor for them is predictability.

Yes, they want a low price. And they want to carry on paying the same low price, month-after-month, year-after-year.

If you’re in the same position, we can get your gas prices fixed for up to five years. Yes, you may pay a little more than the usual rock bottom variable tariffs. But, when everyone else’s prices rise, yours remains the same. And, if we’ve managed to lock in a deal during the midst of a price trough, the long-term savings can be huge.

You can trust your account manager to give you expert advice. They’ll be able to advise on whether fixed-term contracts are right for you – and when’s a good time to buy one.

Find out about our consultancy services

Fixed gas prices for upto 5 years

Utility Helpline switching service

Benefit from a hassle-free auto-switching service

After signing-up with Utility Helpline, many of our clients want to forget all about their business gas, contract – and ask us to manage things going forward

That’s where our auto-switching service comes in…

When your current gas deal runs out and is due for renewal, we will again find the most appropriate deal for your business and set this up automatically (based on your strict requirements). And we simply send you the details of your new deal.

Rely on Utility Helpline for an open, unbiased service

Unfortunately, the business utilities market doesn’t always have the best of reputations. And, within it, we believe Utility Helpline stands out as something different and special.

We’re fiercely independent and 100% unbiased. We’re completely upfront about our business model. We NEVER steer clients to a particular deal of provider. And we stick rigorously to the TPI Code of Practice.

Take a look at the TPI Code of Practice