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Tens of thousands of English businesses have saved money on their water and sewage tariffs following the deregulation of the non-domestic water market.

Businesses can save up to 25% by switching suppliers and streamlining payments. But many have stuck with legacy suppliers – paying more for a lethargic service.

As a leading utilities consultancy, Utility Helpline has the market knowledge, the contacts and the resolve to help you navigate the new retail water market and save.

With water, we offer the same professional switching service as we do with business energy.

Why you should switch water suppliers with Utility Helpline:

  • Reduce water and waste water costs by up to 25%.
  • Consolidate bills.
  • Get better service.
  • Advice on saving water.
  • Get started with a water bill.

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Save money on business water

Ditch the water dinosaurs

The non-domestic water market in England was opened up to competition in April 2017.

Following the example set in Scotland, England ditched the old-fashioned regional monopoly system and welcomed innovative new suppliers to the marketplace.

Nimble suppliers have introduced new smart water-saving technology and reduced prices and consumption for businesses just like yours.

Legacy suppliers - which are less competitive on price and less responsive to customer demands - have started losing market share.

Switching suppliers doesn’t mean that the water coming into your premises is any different. The only thing that changes is the supplier name on your bill.

In the first year of deregulation:

  • Every Utility Helpline customer that received a quote could have saved money by switching water suppliers.
  • One client saved 94% on their water services.
  • A large hotel saved more than £15,000 over the course of a contract.

These were the results after five years of deregulation in the Scottish water market:

£65 million
amount saved by Scottish businesses
tonnes of carbon saved
16 billion litres
reduction in water consumption
increase in customer satisfaction
Source: Business Stream

Our Process



All we need to get started is a water bill.

We make switching water suppliers easy. We’ll use information from a recent water bill to get a picture of how much water you use and how much you could save by switching.



We post your tender out to the best suppliers.

With years of industry experience, members of our award-winning accounts team have excellent market knowledge and strong relationships with suppliers. They know which suppliers to go to for the best prices and which suppliers should be avoided.


League Table

We help you choose the best supplier for your needs.

Once there are some offers on the table, we help you make the best decision for your business.



Set-up is straightforward, we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly.

There’s no need to change the pipes or flick any switches. The only thing that will change is the name of the supplier on your bill. If you think your business will benefit, some suppliers will install an automatic metering system to help you track consumption and make billing more accurate.



You’ll be able to contact us at any time if there’s a problem with your contract

We can help you take care of any problems or aftercare services you might need. We’ll also remind you when your contract is about to come to an end and help you find an even better price the next time.

Start Saving!

Who can use Utility Helpline?

  • Business customers in England
    using over five million litres of water per year.
  • Any commercial water customers in Scotland.
  • Any commercial water customer in England after April 2017
    (although we recommend that you start planning your water supply before this date).

Choose an energy broker who understands your needs - and cuts your bills!

Our consultancy services can be fully tailored to suit the size and needs of your business. We can deliver scaled down versions of full audits to suit smaller businesses so that any business can reduce their consumption and water bills.

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Utility Brokers Set To Play Key Role In Post-Deregulation Water Market

When the 2017 Water Bill takes effect, analysts predict that brokers like Utility Helpline will have a key role to play in the new market.

Currently, more than 90% of the businesses that switch their water in the UK use a broker. They help maintain a competitive market place, using good supplier relationships to always find the best rates.

As well as procurement services, Utility Helpline also carries out consultancy work for clients. They help make sure that clients are not being overcharged, comply with environmental rules and use water efficiently.

Effective competition does not always follow market deregulation. This energy market, where the ‘big six’ suppliers are still dominant is evidence of that.

Utility Helpline will keep their eye on the utility markets so you don’t have to. Use a broker and you will always be one step ahead of the suppliers.

Improve your billing

Research shows that 20% of water bills have an error of some kind and these can amount to tens of thousands of pounds each year.

What’s more, one study in Scotland found that before deregulation, one large customer with 1,400 sites was receiving more than 4,000 paper bills per year.

Switch with Utility Helpline and we can help make your water bills simpler and more accurate.

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Water consultancy services

Alongside procurement, we also offer a range of additional services that can help you get the most out of your water contract.

These consultancy services can help you identify problems, reduce consumption and save money.

Get in touch to learn more which water consultancy services can benefit.


Water Healthcheck

We usually carry out this free service at the start of every contract. We’ll carry out a survey to give you a broad overview of your water usage, as well as a water efficiency score.

You’ll get a good early indication of any cost saving opportunities and areas of improvement. In addition, if we find that you’ve been overcharged in the past, you may be able to claim back costs from your previous supplier.


Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring is another one of our core bolt-on services. Subscribing to this service means that you will always be alerted to issues with supply and be provided with recommended solutions.

We will regularly perform health checks to see whether your supply is improving and alert you if there are any abnormal patterns in consumption.


Water Audit

If evidence shows consistent patterns of over usage, then we can audit your systems to try and identify the cause of any problems.

We will evaluate your water supply and waste water systems to see if anywhere can be improved. We’ll also offer quick fix advice and install flow- reduction devices if necessary.


Feasibility Study

If an audit reveals the need for more significant work, or opportunities for investment then we can carry out a more in-depth Feasibility Study to evaluate costs and potential savings.

This fee can be waived or deducted if subsequent work is undertaken.


Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Installing a smart water meter or pulse data logger can help ensure more accurate billing, reduced lead time on leak identification and real time over-usage alerts. We can also provide clients with a web portal where they can track consumption patterns against previous days, weeks and years. Managers will also be able to compare consumption across sites to glean areas of best practice.


Leak Detection

Other monitoring services can tell you if you have a leak, but we can also use specialist equipment to try and pinpoint the locations of leaks more precisely.

We can use a range of advanced techniques such as sound testing and gas injection to find holes and pipes.


Risk Mitigation and Drainage Mapping

Drainage issues like diesel/chemical watercourse contamination can be very expensive and cause severe reputational damage, particularly in local communities. We can help mitigate the risks associated with drainage issues through mapping and reporting activities.

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