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Business Energy Prices in January 2018

Wholesale energy prices were volatile throughout January 2018 but ultimately finished down 5% across the month. The UK system was well supplied throughout the period which helped alleviate price pressures, despite several events which ordinarily would have pushed prices upwards. Business gas prices Early in January, a sizable earthquake hit the Dutch gas producing region…

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Who supplies your business water?

English business can now switch their water and wastewater suppliers to get a better deal. But how good is your deal to begin with? Switching water suppliers Are you stuck with a legacy dinosaur with steep prices and rubbish service? It doesn’t have to be that way. The non-domestic retail water market was deregulated in…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 02/02/18 – Oil Slumps

And so it continued with the markets maintaining their recent downward trajectory, except with oil joining the party. Oil prices slumped on the back of America increasing their storage levels for the first time in 10 weeks. It was further compounded as US oil production topped 10 million barrels for the first time in decades…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 26/01/18

Oil continued to plough its own furrow last week, compared with other energy indices, as sharp fluctuations in currency movements offset any gains made in oil. It climbed to over $70 a barrel as continued drops in US storage volumes, and Venezuela’s ongoing political problems, gave an indication of a huge unplanned reduction in the…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 19/01/18

Oil saw a quieter week last week, but other energy prices swung wildly. Following a recent climb, oil prices began to level out after breaking the $70 per barrel level. This seemed to prove a psychological barrier for traders worried about prices gaining too quickly. US storage levels continued to fall, but concern about increased US…

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Restaurants and cafes offer water refill stations to cut waste

Restaurants, cafes, shops and other businesses will offer customers and passers-by free water refill points to cut the numbers of disposable plastic bottles that go to landfill by tens of millions each year. Water UK aims to have refill points in tens of thousands of businesses, covering every major city and town in England by…

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Wholesale Energy Prices Update 12/1/18

Last week brought more volatility to wholesale energy markets, which is likely to have a knock-on effect on business buyers looking to secure new energy contracts. Oil prices, which have a significant impact on wholesale gas and electricity prices, continued to increase. Oil prices topped $70 briefly as US storage levels continued to decline. OPEC…

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Wholesale energy prices update 05/01/18

The jumped around considerably over the festive period. Oil volatility was high but concrete differences in other energy prices were rare. The Forties oil pipeline closed for repairs over Christmas but is now back to full operation. Oil increased throughout the season as riots in Iran, US storage dumps and small reductions in rig drilling…

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UK to phase out coal power by 2025

Britain will introduce an emissions limit to effectively phase out coal-fired power stations by 2025. The move chimes with a 2015 pledge to end “unabated” coal-fired power generation by 2025 and comes after a significant decline in the amount of energy generated by coal. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) expects one…

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How much energy does your business use on Christmas Day?

Christmas time is nearly here and everyone is winding down for the holidays. Utility Helpline’s office will be closed from tomorrow (Friday 22nd December) until Tuesday 2nd January. Other companies will be working between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but almost everyone will be closed on Christmas Day. This is a great opportunity to put…

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