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Your business could soon be powered by batteries

Energy storage systems with the capacity to power homes and businesses are no longer a distant fantasy. Batteries that can store enough power to run domestic and non-domestic buildings are being installed around the world and the burgeoning technology and delivers benefits for businesses, the energy infrastructure and broader society. Businesses benefit because they can…

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Weekly energy prices update 16/6/17

UK prices – The table and graph below shows the forward annual gas and electricity pricing. Last week brought more swings in a market that calmed down following turbulence in the previous week. The diplomatic dispute between Qatar and several neighbouring countries showed no immediate threat to supplies, although two week UK LNG shipments appear…

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Price comparison websites could be about to get more expensive

Hundreds of thousands of domestic and non-domestic energy buyers rely on price comparison websites to make informed decisions about their energy supply. But users of price comparison websites could soon struggle to find the best deals following a confusing recommendation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Price comparison websites like uSwitch, Money Supermarket and…

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What was in the Paris Climate Agreement?

We have all heard about the Paris Climate Agreement and Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the deal has been roundly criticised by politicians and business leaders. But what was actually in the deal and what will the impact of America’s decision to leave be? Signed at the end of 2015, the…

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Utility Helpline nominated for Consultancy of the Year award

Utility Helpline has been nominated for the Consultancy of the Year at the prestigious The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA). The company was nominated alongside ten more top third party intermediaries (TPIs) and consultancies who will go to final judging ahead of the awards show on June 28. The award attempts to find the “best…

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Could Britain have the lowest energy prices in Europe?

The Conservative manifesto set a goal for Britain to have the lowest energy prices anywhere in Europe – a target it plans to achieve with reforms to shale gas extraction, alternative energy sources and its somewhat reformed price cap idea. As part of its commitment to delivering a sound industrial strategy the Conservative manifesto said:…

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opec production cuts affect the market

Wholesale Energy Market update 12/5/17

UK prices – Data shows forward annual gas and electricity prices in the wholesale market. Once again the market saw a week of volatility, ending in more price drops. Forecasts of warmer weather for Europe pulled energy prices down through the week but Macron’s win in the French elections and encouraging US employment figures arrested…

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warm weather affects energy market

Wholesale Energy Market update 05/5/17

UK prices – Data shows forward annual gas and electricity prices in the wholesale market.   The market was very active last week, with May’s weather forecasts for Europe pulling prices back from the previous week. The week kicked off with oil maintaining its steady fall drop due to the continued increase in production in…

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Wholesale Energy Market 28/4/17

UK prices – Data shows forward annual gas and electricity prices in the wholesale market. Prices were yo-yoing for most of the week but settled as falls. The unusual cold snap prompted rises at the beginning of the week but, by the middle, they’d gone the opposite way. The early week saw oil rose with…

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Wholesale energy prices update 14/4/17

UK prices – Data shows forward annual gas and electricity prices in the wholesale market. Recent global events have inevitably fed market volatility, however the calm after the situation in Syria escalated has led to a similar effect on the energy markets. The recent Australian/New Zealand cyclone had pushed coal prices up but they were also calmed…

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