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More businesses switching to renewable energy

More and more businesses are embracing renewable energy, committing to 100% renewable energy switches. The private sector accounts for around half of the world’s electricity consumption. Now, more businesses are taking responsibility for their environmental impact, committing to ditch fossil fuels in favour of more sustainable energy sources. This shift can be seen in lots…

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Elon Musk builds world’s largest battery in Australia

Tesla, makers of electric vehicles and everything else, have switched on the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Australia today. The switch on comes after Tesla founder Elon Musk made a wager on whether he could have the battery operational within 100 days. If he didn’t meet the deadline, he said he would give the battery…

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Clean energy made central tenant of industrial strategy

The government has put clean energy at the centre of its new industrial strategy, placing innovations like smart energy systems, electrical vehicle manufacturing and offshore wind electricity generation at the heart of policy development. Published this week, the government’s new industrial strategy names ‘clean growth’ as one of four ‘Grand Challenges’ they aim to solve….

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Collective switching costs British Gas 650,000 customers in four months

Britain’s largest energy company lost 823,000 customers between the end of June and the end of October, with almost four fifths leaving on collective switching deals. Collective energy switches are increasingly popular for household energy buyers, enabling them to save hundreds of pounds on their annual bills. Collective energy buying schemes can also be accessed…

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energy prices november 2017

Wholesale energy prices update 17/11/17

OPEC maintained their ongoing discussion of extending production cuts, although Russia appeared a little cooler on this. The IEA predicted a reduction in demand for oil in 2018, the warmer weather forcing them to revise their expectations down. On top of this there was an unexpected rise in US storage inventories and production reached a…

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Collective energy purchasing for businesses – How does it work?

What is collective energy purchasing? Collective energy purchasing is when a group of like-minded individuals or businesses come together to negotiate a better deal from their gas or electricity suppliers. The ‘collective’ is a loose association of like-minded buyers, usually organised by a third-party organisation. This third-party arranges consumers into groups and manages a collective…

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Wholesale energy prices update 15/11/17

The recent market stability turned out to be the calm before the storm as there was a return to volatility last week. Markets climbed again with the news that OPEC and Russia were still planning reductions in supply and possible increases in next year’s oil demand. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia carried out a large anti-corruption purge…

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Utility Helpline at the Hereford Means Business Expo

Members of the team enjoyed meeting and networking with lots of local business owners last week when Utility Helpline exhibited at the Hereford Means Business Expo. The team also ran a champagne raffle from the Utility Helpline stand, which we are pleased to announce was won by Sally Lawrence Smith, a Solicitor with Lanyon Bowdler…

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How serviced offices can encourage energy saving

Reducing costs and energy consumption is an objective shared by many businesses. As well as cutting costs, effectively bringing down consumption can bolster a business’s green credentials. Many businesses, particularly those with high energy consumption have acted in recent years to bring down costs. Many industrial businesses have created their own solar farms while others…

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Wholesale energy prices update 06/11/17

Markets were slightly calmer last week but oil continues to increase in price. In league with Russia, OPEC continued recent talk about supply reductions and demand gains with a review this month of their current production cuts. Political problems in both Nigeria and Venezuela also caused concern about output from those countries. An unsurprising jump…

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