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How to find the best business energy rates.

When it comes to finding the best energy rate, it may surprise you to hear that the biggest challenge businesses face is not industry red tape, but internal pressures. Take a simplistic view, and it’s easy to blame simple apathy. But look a little closer and you’ll understand that the problem is far more complex. A study of 500 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by Npower produced some surprising results. Research proved that an overwhelming 60% majority of business owners agreed that reducing energy expenditure was an important way of improving future budgeting. 40% went as far as saying that they needed to address energy efficiency as a priority. However, a surprising 25% confessed to failing to take action, despite acknowledging the problem. So, if awareness and insight are not to blame, how can we understand the seeming indifference of a quarter of business owners to getting the best value from their energy supplier? To answer this, we need to look at an even more striking statistic. Of the business owners polled, almost half cited a lack of time as their reason for putting off switching energy suppliers. And that speaks volumes about the modern British business. So preoccupied with the demands of running a competitive business in a fierce and increasingly global market place, the average business owner is seeing their profits go up in smoke through inefficient energy arrangements.

How Utility Helpline can help

Getting people to think differently about the way their business uses energy is what we do best. It’s a plain truth that putting your energy arrangements in order will save you money. In many cases, this can run it to the thousands in the long term, depending on the size and type of business. The most important thing to do is start looking at the money you save as income; as new business that you could potentially win. This attitudinal change will hopefully make you see what you are missing out on. After all, you wouldn’t turn down a new business opportunity, so why ignore a simple change that could increase your profits? In fact, far from it taking up a significant chunk of your valuable time, finding the best value energy provider is simple. All you have to do is pick up the telephone and give us a call. At Utility Helpline, we are dedicated to finding the best energy deal for you and your business. We start by understanding your current arrangements, what you pay, and your projected future needs. Next, we search the market to find the deal that suits you best. This may include switching your provider, changing your tariff, or renegotiating your current deal. By taking that step that so many other businesses fail to, you can reduce your costs and give yourself that crucial competitive edge. As a truly independent organisation, you can trust that we will find the best deal to save you time and money. And there’s no time like the present.

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